Saturday, December 31, 2016

That's A Wrap....And When All Else Fails...........

Been just a little hectic around home for the last week or so.....Try as I might, my good intentions were to post a worthwhile post on an ol' fly pattern I came across that would work on my local fish population......

Well, you know what they say about that.  "Life is full of good intentions".  Alas, time has slipped away on the final day of 2016 and that post is still waiting in the wings.  However, I did want to take the time to wish all of my readers and fellow BlogBuddies a very Happy New Year 2017.  May peace and good health and good fishing await each of you during the new year.

I have not really taken the time in the past to write blog wrap ups at the end of the year.  So, I won't buck that trend this year either.  However, I do have a New Year's resolution as far as fishing goes for me here at Fly Tyin' Times.  I refuse to get skunked this next year! How is that for a Resolution!

When all else fails, I will resort to a method I learned as a kid years ago................


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fly Tyin' Times And A Resolution Pre-Christmas

Been rather quiet around here as far as blog activity goes for a couple of weeks.  However, I hope that you will soon see why......

Pre-Christmas Resolution: 
My wife (Diane) - That fly tying desk is a mess.
Me: I know it hasn't been cleaned up in at least a year of fly tying.  But, I know where everything is. (I don't think she bought that line...)
Diane: You know that old desk is about too fall apart.  The drawers are coming off the hinges, it is all scarred up, and it is warped wood on this corner.........
Me: Whoa, is me! What do you think I should do?
Diane: I have an idea, but, it will take a commitment from you.
Me: I am all ears, but a commitment, gee, I don't know.  It's fly tying season and I have a fly tying list that is growing by the day..........
Diane: Here is the deal! You organize your fly tying material and clean off that old desk and you can go buy a brand new fly tying desk that you like and looks nice in the room here and has a place to store your basic everyday needs for fly tying.
Me: Wow, thanks for the motivation! That old desk sure is a mess and an eyesore.  I am on it....

Update: Commitment met, fly tying material organized, old desk trashed, and, a new one in  place.

 A beautiful roll top fly tying desk that is spic and span (for today!), and, all materials organized and within quick reach.  The desk has locking features on the drawers top and bottom so grandchildren, cats, dogs, or other old Geezers have to have a pass key if I am not there! (Tee Hee....)  How long is it going to look brand new.  Not long, I have some Soft Hackles, Midges, Nymphs, Dries, Streamers, Leeches, Panfish Bugs, etc. on my to do list.

Here is one that would be the last pattern I tied from the old and retired fly tying desk.

I am also going to focus my blog efforts on Fly Tyin' Times.  ***Note the change in the blog name above on my new Blog Header.    This does not require any changes to the link that my readers and BlogBuddies are using to find my latest blog work.  However, if you choose too, you may want to change the blog name on your blogrolls to "Fly Tyin' Times".  Again, totally up to you, but, I will be here blogging away with a focus on fly tying.

(Disclaimer): I have a long fly tying history and have tied at several regional conclaves and have taught beginning level fly tying classes at high schools and fly shops.  I don't do that as much anymore as I have aged, but, would be more than willing to help individuals who may have fly tying questions here on my blog or via email if that would be easier for you.  My email address is:
 I do not tie commercially anymore.  Never had much fun when I was doing that for awhile.   I have been known to share flies while on the water and give some to friends and neighbors and fellow BlogBuddies.  It is my pleasure!!  For while, I marketed my own line of Nymph Dubbing and Leech Dubbing.  Sold as much of it as fast as I could make it,   Once, I even turned down an offer from a Distributor to sell the rights to my dubbing and be involved in traveling to (Timbuktu, some place) to train others the dubbing business.  Anyway, that is history and I take my fly tying and my love of fly tying quite seriously.  I hope to share some of that love as we move forward in a new blogging direction for 2017.  End of Disclaimer)

Happy Hookups in 2017...............

P.S. So as to leave my window open on the blog, you will still see the occasional fly fishing posts about fishing the Warm Water Ponds near my home and the occasional trout trip to the Big Thompson River and RMNP as they come to be...................


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Wowzer Wednesday" - A Winter Version............

It's Wednesday......... It's Winter time.......... It's snowing outside........... It's expected to be a 
(-7) degrees tonight.  Brrr........ I don't see a person interested in going fishing anywhere in my line of sight......  What to do?

Well, how about putting up a "Wowzer Wednesday" Winter version here on the blog!
 As a reminder, "Wowzer Wednesdays" are used to show some blog love and other information about fly fishing etc. from around the 'net.

Let me begin with this:
My BlogBuddy, Kevin, over at Feather Chucker, just posted a wonderful video on Fly Fishing.  I realize I could steal the video and show it here, but, I am not that kind of Geezer!  Here is a link to Kevin's Video.  If you have not seen it yet, drop over and watch it.  I was very moved by the message and the other general information given on this video.  Thanks, Kevin!

A relatively new BlogBuddy of mine, Jeff, over at Bobcat Hollow Fly Fishing/Tying, could use some love about now, too.  Jeff recently had to go through some emergency surgery issues and has been on recuperation road for a little while now.  Jeff is an outstanding fly tyer and has spent some of his recovery time at the vise.  Here is a link to his most recent work on fly tying.  
I think we can agree that his patterns look great and give us some thought and ideas for our winter tying sessions.

BlogBuddy, Neil, at Soft Hackles, Tight Lines is always covering interesting history on soft hackle fly patterns.  I really enjoy his post and his most recent post is a soft hackle pattern that I will be tying soon to try on Colorado trout and warmwater fish.  Here is the link to that pattern.  Red Ass or Arkansas Red Butt.......

An Update on Cabela's CGR..... I guess you never know.  While I previously understood that the CGR Fiberglass Rod's would be priced at $49.00 or so through Christmas, that apparently didn't hold quite true.  I hope those of you who were considering it got on board at that incredible price.  Seems they briefly sold out, and, then when restocking them have them now priced at $65.00.  While that still is an outstanding price for these rods, I have no idea if they will drop the price again before Christmas.  

I have heard the term "trout bum" bandied about quite a bit. Heck on occasion, I have even been called one. However, I am not sure that I know exactly what one is. I took it upon myself to investigate this term. I read the very insightful book by John Gierach on the subject. I traveled to the various places where trout bums congregate. I went fishing on the Madison, the Deschutes, the Henry's Fork, the Green, the San Juan, the Yellow Stone and every other trout stream where I thought I might learn something useful on the subject. I attended National Conclaves, Southern Conclaves, Sow Bug Roundups, and the "Home Waters" Expo. I visited lodges, fly shops, bars and fishing cabins. I have talked to countless anglers. Sadly, I am unable to find a succinct definition. What I was able to identify from all of this learned research is that there are certain indicative behaviors that can predict whether you are a trout bum. The more of these that you exhibit the more likely it is that you are one. I have listed a few of these indicators below.

If your cat is named Winston and your dog is called Lefty, you might be a trout bum.

If your family had to eat Christmas dinner on TV trays because your dining room table is set aside for fly tying, you might be a trout bum.

If you missed the birth of your first child because it coincided with the start of the sulphur fly hatch, you might be a trout bum.

If your fly tying vise cost more than your automobile, you might be a trout bum.

If one or more of your children were conceived on the back seat of a drift boat during a lull in the salmon fly hatch, you might be a trout bum.

If your wedding reception was held in a fly shop, you might be a trout bum.

If your wife wants to do something romantic on your anniversary and you take her night fishing, you might be a trout bum.

If she thinks you finally hit a home run with that idea, she might be a trout bum.

If you have ever worn a fishing shirt to a funeral, you might be a trout bum.

If Wapsi or Orvis makes more than three deliveries a week to your home, you might be a trout bum.

If you can identify every insect you encounter on the river with its complete scientific name (in Latin) but can't remember your children's names, you might be a trout bum.

If the only time anyone has seen you cry was when you broke the tip on your bamboo rod, you might be a trout bum.

If your greatest fear in life is that when you die your wife will sell your fishing tackle for what you told her you paid for it, you might be a trout bum.

If you honestly believe that you can save money by tying your own flies, you might be a trout bum.

If you own more fly boxes (all completely filled with flies) than your wife has pairs of shoes, you might be a trout bum.

This list is by no means complete. I would not be concerned unless I exhibited more than five indicators.

Ok, let's wrap us this Winter version of "Wowzer Wednesdays" with what it might take to get us older "Geezers" back out ice fishing with flies!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Last Look......

Time changes everything...... The beautiful colors of the Fall season are hanging on 'till their last breath.

Winter season will soon be upon us...... Cold, snow, bone chilling winds at times......
But, Winter brings a calm, too.......... Those moments when serenity can be found along a trout stream even in fresh fallen snow.  Maybe your steps are the first in the snow, maybe not..........
Just follow those steps, "Peace" is where you find it.......  This time of year Wildlife are still there, keep your eyes open, they like their peace, too.

For me, personally, my age doesn't allow me the freedom it once did during the cold, winter season.  I will spend my time tying flies and trying new creations at the vise.  I will never fish them all, but, I find my "Peace" there and dreaming of the last trip out in the Fall season...

Good Bye, Fall.....................................................................

 Along a small stream in Rocky Mountain National Park
The home of my last fly caught trout.....

Picture taken by Heather Croze
It is so beautiful.................

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An Obligation I Need To Keep........

As most of my readers who have been following my blog efforts for the past few years know, I am an advocate for Budget Minded Fly Fishing Gear.  Living my Social Security - Retired life has certainly put a crimp on me spending big dollars for some of the high end, well built gear, that encompass much of the fly fishing scene.  There is a growing group of folks, who like me, can't afford or choose to start their fly fishing careers with budget minded gear.  Let me give a shout out here to a Facebook Group I began a couple of years ago that has been a great asset to those folks who want to pursue fly fishing with budget minded gear.  The Group has been very, very well received and I encourage folks who do the Facebook thing to check it out.

My ventures into fishing with a fiberglass fly rod of the last year or so has been enjoyable because I have been able to take advantage of great buys from Cabela's on their CGR fly rods and CGR fly reels.  Both allow me to fish the waters near my home, enjoy the fly fishing part of my life that I love, and, do it without breaking the bank! Today there are many company's that seem to be recognizing a need for value budget minded gear.  That is a good thing!

I wanted to give another shout out to long time blogger, Brandon Robinson, One Bug Is Fake.
Brandon has recently started up another blog with budget minded fly fishing in mind and is off to a good start for anyone who wants to further pursue fly fishing on a budget or perhaps for those of you who are just getting started.  His new blog efforts are at Fly & Dime.  

Be sure and give Brandon's new blog a look and read some of the great new posts for the budget minded angler like this one!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and have a safe and happy holiday..........


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

76 Degrees........ And An Inch Of Snow.......And Other Bits

November 15th, 2016
What a beautiful day
(76) The predicted high! 
Man, what a Fall season it has been in Colorado
Been a pleasure......

 Let your mind drift forward (48) hours
November 17, 2016
What is that you see?
An inch or two of snow precicted
For this afternoon
You can never outsmart
Mother Nature...........

Other tidbits of fly fishing related stuff.....................................................

I received an email from Cabela's just a few days ago.  Nothing unusual this time of year to get lots of emails offering Black Friday type sales and stuff.  However, this particular email brought news of Cabela's CGR Fiberglass Rods at an unbelievable price of $49.00 and some odd cents.  

Simply, Wow!
 I currently own a couple of the Cabela's CGR "Prime Series" one piece fly rods.  I am not prepared at this time to do a review of those rods.  More practice needed...........

However, the (3) piece rods were not available at the time I purchased the (1) piece rods.  I know several  of my blogging friends who own and have reviewed these (3) piece rods.  They love them.  

Needless to say, I succumb easy to very good fly rods at great prices.  I, immediately, ordered and already received the CGR in the picture above.  (7 1/2 ft. 5-6 weight)  

Encourage others who want to try fiberglass rods at great prices to jump on the bandwagon! I have heard that these rods are on sale through Christmas day.  That being said, I expect them to go through them fast so backorder's may become a problem.  

I am going to order a (7 1/2' 7-8 WT) for throwing big Buggers and Bass Bugs at my favorite Largemouth Bass population.

Nuff' Said! 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eruption: The Full View

Now, I know that this blog is a fly fishing related blog! But, sometimes my readers will just have to be patient with me as I wander a little bit.

It was couple of nights ago, just around sundown here in Loveland, Colorado.  I happen to walk out on my patio to take a look at the sunset.  This time of year we get much less time to enjoy the sunset than on Summer's longer days.  So, I wanted to catch a quick view before it went away all too soon.  My patio view is directly west where the sun provides some beautiful settings through out the year.  

As I looked out towards the mountains west of Loveland, I was simply stunned by the view and what I saw. (Note: The picture below is not my picture, but, one that was shared by local Loveland photographer, Dick K.).  With his permission it is shared here..........

It has been (48) hours now and I can't stop talking about what I saw and what Dick K. and his camera caught for us all to look at.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!  

Too me, it appears that the two mountain peaks have "Erupted" volcano style.  That is in appearance only.  Neither, Dick K. or I have an explanation for the scene that appears to have two funnels coming from the mountain.  It didn't last long and then it was all gone!

Do any of you have any idea, or, have you seen anything like this before?  All comments are appreciated as usual.

Spell binding....................

Thursday, November 10, 2016

God Bless Our Defenders...........

Tomorrow is Veterans Day 2016.  I will be busy with a couple of activities near home on this day.  

From one Veteran to all those who have served, defended, and given their life for this country.

God Bless You and Your Families............ 

 Mel Moore Spc 4 U.S. Army 1969-1971

Blog Matters...................

Some "To Do" stuff on my mind.  No pictures here tonight.  Just words........................

I have purchased a (dot com) address and will be blogging from there effective today, tonight, depending on where you are located.

The new address will be

So, if any of you readers are so inclined and remain interested in my blabberings please come visit at my new address.

See ya' on the new site address. 

For those who have been following my blog adventures and are already linked to my Blogger life, you will not need to alter my link on your blogrolls.  It will automatically re-direct.

If there are any problems please don't hesitate to let me know with a comment.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Makeup.............Casting With A Fly & Bubble

Anyone can enjoy fly fishing with this method.  While not considered fly fishing by the “In Crowd”, rest assured that this simple method is very effective most of the time on your favorite waters.  Dare, I say, more so on other days than traditional fly fishing.  This is an inexpensive way to share the fun of fly fishing!
Thought I would detail the Makeup I use to fish casting bubbles with a fly….. This is my choice, but feel free, to use whatever spinning gear you have as far as rod and reel goes and pick up a casting bubble or two at the sporting goods store.  Use your favorite fly patterns to give it a try.  The local shop should be more than willing to give you some pattern information for your area.
The Make Up……….
My favorite spinning rod – A 7ft. – (4) piece – Medium Light Action.
Matched with a Pflueger President Series Reel and (4) or (6) pound line
My favorite style casting bubble.  Can add water to bubble for distance…..
Add one of your favorite flies from your fly box assortment and you are ready to fish flies with a spinning rod on your favorite water year round.  Except, of course, when your favorite water is iced over for the winter season!
“The Make Up” looks like this.  More details available on coming posts!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fly Fishing The Pahsimeroi River - Another Day And Time

The "Forgotten" River in Idaho is what some call it............ Except it has always been there.  Just lost in the plethora of other famous and well known waters in Southern Idaho area.  Let me step back in time and share with you a memory from a wonderful day fly fishing The Pahsimeroi River over in the other valley where folks have forgotten or are not aware of the history and riches of the area.

 Located on the map at the letter "e".  The river runs through the valley from it's headwaters for roughly (57) miles before it dumps into the more well known Salmon River at Ellis, Idaho.  There are many ranches and old homesteads in this area as the river runs through the valley passing the old mining town of Patterson and May, Idaho, before it reaches its destination.

I have some sentimentality with this area.  Many family members worked the mine in Patterson during it's good times.  Many left the valley when the mine "dried" up and went on to lead their lives in other areas widespread.  Some of my relatives are buried in the May Cemetery.  It is an area rich with history and lots of stories from earlier generations.

Now on to the main point of this blog post.  The Fly Fishing in The Pahsimeroi River that I experienced.  I must admit that in my (35) years spent living in Southern Idaho that I only fished this river one time.  However, I did visit the area on multiple occasions primarily on family activities such as camping trips or family reunions.  

One day, long ago, my brother Dennis suggested that we go down and try to find a spot to fish on The Pahsimeroi River.  Something different to do besides fishing the Salmon River and Valley Creek while staying at his place in Stanley, Idaho.  As is often the case, much of The Pahsimeroi River runs through private property and ranch lands.  We knew we would have to, more than likely, request permission to access the river somewhere along it's route.  So off we went prepared for an adventure!

When we reached the river, we took the road up the highway from Ellis, Idaho, into the valley.  We kept our eyes on the river as much as we could looking for a stretch that begged us to ask landowner permission.  Fate was with us and we pulled into a older white ranch home on the upper side of the highway from the river.

I remember being somewhat uneasy as we approached the door.  I have met and talked too some very rigid landowners, and rightfully so, who had no interest in allowing folks to fish on their property.  However, in this case we were met at the door by a little old lady.  I am guessing she was near (80) years old at the time.  We asked politely if we could cross her land to fish on the river.  Her response was amazing.  "Sure you can, she said.  You can drive in through that gate there, but, just be sure to close the gate behind you so that the horses don't get out"....

Still somewhat awed by her kindness, we drove down the road, opened the gate and closed it up to keep the horses in and headed to the stream.   The rest of the story is a fly fishing day that comes so rarely.  No other anglers around, a beautiful day and the Pahsimeroi trout.  

I like to say this was "BC" time.   Before cameras that is, but, that is not true.  I just forgot my camera.  So to bring this story into spectrum, I have selected a few photos found online to share my experience.

Down through the pasture the river meanders along!

Immersed in total trout stream Heaven.........

Dry Fly fishing as sweet as you would ever want it!

Now, it was not easy fishing! These Rainbows were fairly selective and your drift and presentation had to be just right.  But, we did meet the challenge on a number of occasions.
Thinking back, my memory leads me to remember a couple of flies that were successful on this day.
 The Adams Irresistible did the job on a number of trout.

This is where, also, I fell in love with Yellow Humpy's for the first time...................

Sorry no fish pictures as all fish were immediately released to waters they treasured.  However, I could not finish this rambling post without one more short memory.  

We wanted to thank the lady from the ranch house for her kindness.  So as we pulled out of the field, closed the gate, and secured the horses inside as requested, we drove back up to the house to share our day and to give thanks for this wonderful experience.  The sun was going down as we knocked on the door.  She welcomed us in and ask how we enjoyed our day.  Unbelievably, she handed us each a bag with Roast Beef sandwiches and homemade Chocolate Brownies to eat on the way back to Stanley that night.  What a class act!

So to The River Damsel, now you know where my fly fishing and love of cookies (Brownies) had it's start............ Sweet!

This Ol' Eagle is going to stop now for it is time to rest the eyes and fingers of pain..........

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fishing The "Other" Rivers and A Few Recollections.....

First off, I would be re-miss if I didn't give a shout out to all of you who have helped me make it through a very bleak August.  All of my BlogBuddies came forth with lots of love, support, and wise perceptions to help me see some light.  You know who you are, so I won't give a detailed list of who offered what.........  Just to say, I am so very humble and moved by the friendship shown to me.  Thanks for sharing some Blog Love............

A few of you suggested I continue my blog with stories from my past.  I do have a lot of stored memories in my Brain somewhere, and, I will attempt to put few a few here as I continue to deal with my Arthritis pain and love of fly fishing.  Today's post is one of them.......................

Before I returned to Northern Colorado to retire with my family, I spent the previous (35) years living in Southern Idaho.  Most of that in South Eastern Idaho, not far from some great trout fishing in The Henry's Fork and South Fork's of the Snake River.  To go along with them, I had many opportunities to fish the Teton River, Warm River, Fall River's etc. of that corner of the State of Idaho.  

I would like to take a step back in time and share a few old photos (really old point and shoot pictures taken before today's more technical editing programs to spruce up your pictures).  Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Fly Fishing The Henry's Fork of the Snake River
Via Wading and Drift Boating.

In comparison, this is Big Springs or better known as the Headwaters of the 
Henrys Fork Of The Snak River

This is a shot of me nymphing the Warm River
Thinking back it may have been a Windknot & Tangled Line

One of those hidden places where you left some great memories!
This is the Fall River very near Yellowstone National Park.
I used to love wading from this side of the river and floating
Parachute Adams to hungry Rainbow Trout.  (AKA: The Rainbow Chaser)

The last couple of old pictures that I have to share today come from
The South Fork of the Snake River.  If you ever get to Eastern Idaho and want to Fly Fish
You owe it to yourself to have someone run you down the South Fork Canyon
Where you have great chances at having action all day on beautiful Cutthroat Trout,
and on occasion a Brown Trout if you are holding your mouth right!

Again, The South Fork of the Snake River, downstream from Palisades Dam.
Riffle fishing at it's best! Where an angler and the Nymph pattern of the day 
Could catch enough fish to wear out a shoulder on overcast days like this one.

These are just a few of the "Other" rivers I had the blessing and opportunity to fish over my years.  Thank you all for letting me share them with you here.  It has been great therapy for 

We will have to do this again, sometime.........................

This Ol' Eagle is going to go take a nap, now..........

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I'll Have A Cup..............................

A couple of thoughts on my mind this morning............................

1. What to do about my blog?  Not fly fishing puts a crimp into a blog titled, "Fly Fishin' Times"................. I have considerable doubt that anyone wants to read a blog from someone who spends his fishing time pretty much sitting in a chair on the bank........... On my best day I can see me putting forth the effort to walk along the lake shoreline for a few random casts.

2. At least we are near the Fall of the year and football is back.  Go Broncos!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Something Went Wrong.................

I tell you what, was I ever glad to see July and the heat leave Northern Colorado about the same time.  What's that you say? My gosh, it is still August ahead of us and around here it is known as the dog days of heat.  Well, August has began with some cooler weather and even a smattering of rain here and there on a day or two.  Boy, am I ever ready to go fishing!!!!!!!!!

WRONG!! Something went very wrong........................................................................................

I went to bed the other evening anticipating the cooler weather and fishing.  What I woke up with seems like bad Karma to me................... You see, I could hardly get out of bed, let along walk anywhere except to the bathroom or my easy chair.  My back has gone totally out of whack.  Not really improving and not looking forward to seeing a doctor or the infamous "Cracktopractor"!  I have used pain pills, muscle relaxers, heated massage and vibration while sitting in my easy chair, and, have actually made it too the local hot tubs for a dip or two.  

Woe is me! Anyhow, I thought I would look for some back support mechanisms to see if we squish everything in one spot with a brace had any effect.

Now this guy is designed to be worn while you are out fly fishing or whatever to give you some back stability.   Simms products are good products no doubt! I am just not willing to cough over a $100 to get this rig.  

But, what about my back.  Well, this evening my wife literally drug me to the local Wal-Mart and picked up a double walled back support brace that looks similar to what Simms has here.  The difference is Wal-Mart cost is $25.00.  I have it on as I am typing this and it is helping for the time being.  

So, I am spending some time on the computer and checking in on my blogging friends for the first time in a week or so.  Have not read or commented on any during this time...........

You all keep up the good work and I will, with a blessing or two, be able to stand upright and walk soon.  I did that once when I was a year old for the first time.  (65) years later I am learning all over again!

The Ol' Gray Eagle is down, but, will fly again soon................................

Friday, July 29, 2016

Tying & Fishing The Foam Krystal Beetle............

Some more work from the tying vise while I am enduring the high heat in Northern Colorado. (Actually, as I write this, we have had a day or two of cooler weather.  Here Fishy, Fishy!)

I have added the Foam Krystal Beetle to my Tyin' Times Page for your reference in the future. 
Additionally, if you simply want to click on the picture of the Foam Krystal Beetle on my Sidebar, you will be taken to the page and see all the patterns that I have uploaded to this point in time.

Important to note here:  My patterns are patterns that I have fished with and had good success with.  They work! That does not mean they are my original patterns.  They are not.  With the history of fly tying down through the generations, it is my belief that most ideas have been thought of and tried before I tried them.  I was talking with Neil Norman over on his blog, 
Soft Hackles,Tight Lines
He referred to a Soft Hackle pattern that he liked and wanted to put in his fly box.  I indicated too him that I recently have had success with a similar Soft Hackle Fly (Mirage Soft Hackle).  Interestingly enough, Neil had done some research and found that a similar pattern had been tied back in the 1930's.  So again, unless, we have new fly tying material being introduced in some manner to us to use, then there isn't really much new that has not been tried before.....

So here is the Foam Krystal Beetle, material description, and, some tips on fishing it.............


Thread: Black 6/0
Hook Size: 12 -14 1x Long Dry Fly Hook
Shellback: Black 2MM Foam Approximately the width of the hook gap
Body: Peacock Black Krystal Chenille
Legs: Strands of Peacock Black Krystal Flash
Indicator: 2MM piece of White Foam tied in at leg tie in point
Head: Black thread and Whip Finish
Tied to represent the Black Beetle that often times is blown into the water during Summer and Fall Terrestrial season.  This pattern is effective on both streams and stillwater for Trout and is very effective on the local Bluegill Ponds.

Fishing Instructions:
Use a floating line, of course, for best results.  The "White" indicator on the this fly will help in keeping eye contact with your fly position on the water.  Fish, generally, are not selective when taking a Beetle pattern.  They are on it or they are not!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Hot - The Dog Days - Even The Liars - Why I fish

No shocking news here......... It's hot! Every day is hot.  Been like this for (6) weeks in Northern Colorado where I live.  Too hot to do much of anything.  The fish are stressed, I am stressed, etc., etc.

That is not even beginning to talk about our smoky air as Colorado is in the throngs of a dry season and lots of fires.  Did I say I was stressed.  Neither me or the fish can catch a break.  

It's the  DOG DAYS of Summer already.

Now, I tried to go fishing a few days ago.  It was terribly hot! What could I have been possibly thinking?  Do you want to know how hot it was and how bad the fishing was............................

So, after giving it much thought (not quite the truth), I headed home for a nap and a cold drink and pondered why I even bother to go fishing.  Here are a few reasons that I could think of.....

I think the Ol' Gray Eagle will head back to the tying vise and another cold drink.................

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tying and Fishing The ID Olive Soft Hackle

ID Olive Soft Hackle
Tied to represent Caddis Pupa or Emerger fished just sub-surface, or, as a basic Soft Hackle fished wet in ponds, lakes, and streams.
TypeCaddis Emerger
Target SpeciesPanfish, Trout
Imitation TypeCaddis Flies
Tying Instructions
Using a Tiemco 200R style hook, or, similar style hook. Tied in sizes 10 -14. Begin by inserting a small olive colored glass bead on the hook and bringing it up to the eye of the hook. Make a few wraps with your thread behind the plastic bead to keep bead from sliding back on hook.
Move thread to rear of hook near barb. Tie in your wire rib.
At the point of barb on hook, form a dubbing loop with your thread. Place a small amount of Olive Ice Dubbing in your loop and twist or spin loop to form the dubbing noodle.
Wrap your dubbing noodle forward to 3/4 point on hook shank. Tie off and trim remainder of dubbing loop if necessary.
Size and tie in a Dyed Olive Partridge feather pointing rearward (wet fly) style. Wrap feather a couple of times and tie off. Move your thread to front of feather and make a wrap or two rearward with thread to further set the feather in a rearward style.
Now using the standard dubbing method (Non-Loop) apply a bit more Olive Ice Dubbing to your thread and wrap a few times in front of feather to area where bead sets on hook.
Whip Finish and have fun fishing this fun style of fly.

Fishing Instructions
Used on a floating line while stream fishing, on ponds for panfish, I prefer to use a floating line and longer leader or if the fish are down a few feet an Intermediate sinking line would do well
****The ID Olive Soft Hackle can also be found on my new fly tying page, along with, other patterns you may be interested in tying and fishing.  Hit the link!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Fly Fishing Journey - This Ol' Hat.............................................

Have been taking some time to re-live some of my fly fishing journey over the years.  Lots of old pictures before the Internet and photo editing programs became the real thing.  I came across a set of pictures that really spoke to me and said, "Remember this Ol' Hat".  These pictures will take us back to a time period between 1975 to 1985.  Some time from my fly fishing stillwater's period of my life.

I hope you will enjoy my post and some of the pictures that I will share with you.  So here are a few shots from some time ago. 

First off, let me start with something that was very close too me during that time.  No, not a fly rod or reel, but, my well worn ol' fishing hat.

Now, this western style straw hat was what I wore for many, many years.  Please note the fleece lined head band on the hat filled with Wooly Buggers, Mohair Leeches, Stayner Ducktails, and a few smaller nymph patterns.  I kept it loaded and ready to fish with.  I was even known to give away a few that I had stuck in my hat if I had the "hot" pattern of the day.  Usually, in my fishing at the time, I could pretty much fish one of the patterns on this hat and could count on being successful for the day.

  The old round float tube.  This one was one of the early dinosaur models back in the day made by a fellow angler out of Nampa, Idaho, Wayne "Tex" Meeks.   One always wondered if we tipped the tube back too far, would it tip over.  You probably could, but, it would have to be a violent jerk backwards for that too happen.  I caught many, many fish over a number of years out of this tube with no problem at all.  It was almost too comfortable on a hot day (taking a nap) once in awhile would be interrupted by the electrifying jerk of a trout on the other end of the line.  Also, please note the hat in place.  I was kind of a Merle Haggard look alike back in the day.............

Here is a picture of yours truly with my fish-mobile of that day and age.  That old Dodge pickup and me put 350,000 miles on each other traveling all over the States of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, etc. etc. chasing stillwater trout.  Oh, the stories I could tell you all.

But, alas, those days are gone and faded pictures is all I have for memories.  I hope to have recaptured some of the moments with this post and a few future posts like this as I get the time.

**** My bad, I forgot to give due credit here to my Blogbuddy Mike over at Troutrageous.  Mike took some old yellow pictures and did what he could with today's technology to bring some life to them.  Thanks, Mike.  Now that is a true BlogBuddy!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just A Quick Minute Of Your Time For Some Top Secret Blog Material

Well, I really don't have any "Top Secret" information to share.  I was, however, hoping to get enough attention to get a little action from my BlogBuddies and any new readers who might wander by.......................

My Blog, Mel's Fishin' Times, did not disappear as you may think when you clicked on the link.  However, I have made a little change to the link address to better fit my blogs current format.  You can now find my blog in all of its entirety by adjusting your blog link to my blog.  Here is the new link:

For my BlogBuddies: As you have a minute please adjust my link on your Blogrolls.  The same stuff will be there as I focus on fly fishing and fly tying for the budget minded angler of today!

See you over on Fly Fishin' Times.......................

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Seems Fitting For My Blog...................

I came across this picture and caption over on the Steelhead Manifesto blog .  I believe it's words are really what the theme of my blog is all about.  I wanted to share it with my readers and fellow BlogBuddies.

Thanks for your visit and comments as always.  Been laying low over the Independence Day stretch of time in my area.  Hope to get on the water soon when less folks are out and about.

Hope that is not wishful thinkin'.......................................

Thursday, June 30, 2016

First Casts - Cabela's CGR "Prime" - The Learning Curve and Some Dinks.................................

Well, how is that for a Blog Post Title! I pondered for awhile how I wanted to approach this post.  You see, I have bitten hard this year into getting into fishing Fiberglass Fly Rods and setting aside my Graphite Rods.  That is a big commitment because I love fishing and fly fishing in particular................. I like to keep things simple as could be at the fly tying vise and on the water when fishing.  No reason to stress, just fish and enjoy the time, right.  Well, as I have often said, "Peace is where you find it".  Ok, on to the main point of this post.

 Having already covered the fact in my two previous posts that I had purchased the new Cabela's CGR "Prime" series fly rod, I knew that it would be a totally different experience for me once I made it to the water for my first casts.  So I present to you my initial experience.  Please, in no way, should a reader consider this a review of the rod.  In the hands of an experienced Fiberglass Fly Rodder, one could give an open an honest review.  However, I am not an experienced Fiberglass Fly Rodder.  Oh, I have fished my Eagle Claw Featherlights in the past, but, never took the experiences as a true commitment on my part.

So I am "cool" with writing here that the Cabela's CGR "Prime" (1) piece fly rod put me through some very humbling experiences trying to cast it.  I am used to moderately fast action Graphite.  What a learning curve I have ahead of me this year.  As I said, I am committed to learning.

Here are a few points I would like to make from my first experiences..............................
  1. Taking into account that the rod is a 6'4" rod, my intentions for this rod is primarily fishing on smaller streams.  The Big Thompson River would be a great example of said stream.  Well, the river is running high and dirty during runoff stage, so no fun there.  I decided to take it to my favorite Warm Water pond and work it from shore with close casting range intended.
  2. This rod is incredibly light weight and smooth from the tip all the way through the handle.  (Notice I did not use the word "Butter" smooth.  Another company has that locked in.)
  3. My casting efforts were somewhat woeful.  I am happy that none of you were around to see my efforts!  In the initial phase of the learning curve, I am going to have to completely relearn the timing of the cast.  "S-L-O-W" down feel the rod, not herky-jerky Graphite like.  When I was able to focus on that a little I was able to make a little better cast and things at times felt like they were coming together.
  4. Actually, maybe I made it as high on the curve as Phase 2 on this trip.  Smaller Bluegill and Largemouth Bass were abundant in the area where I was fishing.  I missed several hook ups (may not be the rod and timing, may have been small fish playing around).  However, the measure of an outing with a new rod comes not only with the casting, but, when you do hook a fish.  I hooked and landed several "Dinks" as I would call them.  The biggest ones were about 5" in length.  One Bluegill got the honor of the biggest fish.  I will acknowledge right here that these "Dinks" put a nice bend in the rod that I could feel well down into the handle.   I am convinced that a bigger fish would be loads of fun and worth the time and effort to fish for with this rod!  
  5. No pictures (sorry), I was concentrating on the rod and not the fish.  Maybe next time!
Remember that the CGR Prime Fly Rods are (1) piece only.  Therefore, some thought must go into how you want to store them in your travel to the water.  My remedy is going to be a trip to Home Depot to grab a couple of lengths of PVC pipe and slap an end on each end.

An update, I had ordered a two piece Cabela's CGR fly rod originally.  They were put on back order.  Therefore, I decided to try the new series of fly rods that were one piece.  

I received an email from Cabela's that informed me that they would not be able to honor that back order!   So heads up fellow fly rodders, if you are interested in the two piece CGR's, and, you come across one then consider grabbing it.  Cabela's indicated that they had no idea when more would be shipped to them....................................

So, I did the next best thing.  I sat down and ordered a new 7'3" (5) wt CGR "Prime" for my pond fishing and times when I want to toss a Wooly Bugger for example.  I just received this rod and I am very excited to go to the ponds and give it a toss.  More learning curve and experiences to come..............................................................

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cabela's CGR "Prime" Series Fly Rod - "The Fathers Day Plunge"

Ok, so in my previous post, I made reference to ordering a Cabela's CGR Fiberglass Fly Rod after doing a lot of review and getting great feedback.  As I mentioned, they placed a back order on it until early August.  Now comes the rest of the story...............................

I placed a call to the closest Cabela's store to my home which is approximately (45) minutes drive from my home.  I made this call last Saturday prior to Father's Day.  I wanted too know a couple of things.  First off, I wanted to check the status of the back order issue with the CGR's.  Secondly, I wanted to ask about what they carry in single action, click and pawl, fly reels that a budget minded angler could afford.  Well, once the backorder was confirmed on the CGR fly rod, the online sales person asked if I was familiar with the new Cabela's CGR Fly Reel that they have in stock.  This reel meets the specifics of my question.  Single action, click and pawl, good price range for the budget minded angler, and the best of all, currently on sale at for Father's Day weekend.  In just a few minutes and with some quick planning, I was on may way to Cabela's to check out the Cabela's CGR Fly Reel.

The Reel
This is a Model 2 reel.  It does come in a slightly smaller reel for light lines such as a (3) wt. model 1.
The Model 2 weight is 6.1 Oz - Diameter 3 and 3/8" - Takes 100 yards of backing and holds 4-5-6- wt. lines
It is Die-Cast Aluminum so nice for small stream trout rods etc.
The Reel From A Front View
Traditional Click and Pawl inside look
My Reel 
Happy to say I bought one and have it loaded with  a WF4 wt. floating line.
I am anxious to get on the water with this reel and will be able to provide more feedback once I can say "Fish On" a time or two!
Now comes the rest of the story of my Father's Day Plunge at my local Cabela's.....................
A walk through  the fly fishing section of the store was intended to be just that.   Browsing, wishing, dreaming of being on the trout stream or pond as soon as I get a chance.  Whoa! What is that? I better take a good look at this.   "This" is the new Cabela's CGR "Prime" series Fiberglass Fly rod.
They are in stock.  Several as a matter of fact.  These are the great feeling new (1) piece CGR Fiberglass Fly Rods.  They come  in a wide range of sizes for everything from throwing small midges to large streamers.  I had never seen or handled a (1) piece fly rod before.  I could not resist looking these over.  Ok, I had to hold one in my hand.
  My impressions
 Very Light Weight
Ultra Smooth Feel
Snub Nosed Half Wells Grip
Ceramic Stripping Guide

Ok, I'm all in.  I took the plunge and have added this great feeling rod to my growing collection of Fiberglass Fly Rods.  I chose a 6ft. 4" that should fish a 3 or 4wt. line beautifully to bring home with me.

Again,  I am anxious to get on the water with this rod and will be able to provide more feedback once I can say "Fish On" a time or two!  Look forward to more feedback as I get used to fishing the CGR "Prime" Fly Rods and the still to come CGR rod that is on back order.

For all my readers and fellow BlogBuddies: Just this morning prior to writing this I checked Cabela's Online and they still have this rod on sale.  Normally, $159.00, sale price $79.00........

If you want to try fishing fiberglass fly rods, or, add to your collection like I did then take a close look at this sweet rod and price.

Next stop, the local ponds.

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