Thursday, April 7, 2016

Poudre River Canyon & Red Feather Lakes

It’s early April and the wife and I are itching to get outdoors and enjoy some of the very nice warm weather that we have been blessed with here in Northern Colorado.
Our plans were to take a ride up Poudre Canyon and check out an area that we had not seen in quite some time.  We wanted to look at the canyon, the river, and, all the access points for camping, fishing, picnicking, etc. for a little later on in the year.  Our plan would take us to Glen Echo, where we would take the dirt road for a few miles on up to our main destination Red Feather Lakes.
We had planned this as a day trip, and even though I brought along my fishing gear, I did not plan on wetting a line.  Just wanted to take it all in this trip with seeing some beautiful country and lay plans for a future trip where fishing would be the agenda item.  Go forth and see the pleasures of what God has created for us too see.

I had forgotten what a beautiful and scenic drive the Poudre Canyon would be.  Massive rock walls cover the stretch.  I took this picture almost laying on my back looking skyward so that I could get a perspective of what I was looking at.

Here is another picture that I particularly like show the Poudre River and the terrain.  That massive rock structure in the center of the picture was incredible to just stand and look at.  The river is also a special place to plan on spending time.  Particularly, by using one of the many access points provided throughout the canyon for those who want to fish, camp, etc.  On this day, several anglers were spotted up and down the river.  Spin fisherman, fly fishers, it didn’t really seem to matter.  Everyone seemed to be marveling in the experience they had taken on.  Even an ol’ guy like me could have found a spot to access and play with some fish had I stopped for that purpose!  On another note, the Poudre Canyon is much more user friendly and overall accommodating than the water and canyon of my hometown river, The Big Thompson River, that flows through Estes Park, down the Big Thompson Canyon and on out into the flats of the area near Loveland.

After stopping for refreshments and bathroom services at Glen Echo, it was time to take the dirt road and climb up the mountainous area to our final destination.  We had come to see for the first time ever the Red Feather Lakes area.  The picture above was classic in that this rock formation “dubbed” the Rock Pile by me was very impressive to stop and view.  Seemed strange to have this pile of rock structure, one piled on top of another, making a massive formation.  My Wife and Granddaughter each pointed out that they could see different animal formations from the way the rocks sit.  All in good fun!

As we arrived at the little community of Red Feather Lakes, I stopped and took this picture.  Not the best picture, but, what I wanted to make note of his the two “Rock Piles” in the background at the back center of the picture.  Again, very impressive and what a unique setting for them.  Red Feather Lakes, by my count, has about (14) or so beautiful lakes withing close distance of each other and the mountain community.  While most of these lakes are private and accessible only to those with an access pass, there are (4) lakes in the area that allow public access and great opportunities to fish for some really nice sized fish.  My next trip will be to actually take the time and fish some on the lakes.  There will be more crowds in the area as summer comes, but, fishing is the draw to the area.

Is this beautiful or what?  Ice pretty much off the lake and fish waiting.  This is just one of the lakes in the area.  Now who would not enjoy time here?  I can just see me and my family enjoying some time fishing here and enjoying the little shops that make up the beautiful area of Red Feather Lakes.
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