Maybe Someday I Will Hold A Tiger……….

by the tail!!!!!!!  How is that for an addition to my fishin’ bucket list.
No, of course not a Bengal Tiger, for Heaven’s sake……… That would take more intestinal fortitude than this ol’ man has. (Actually, never had this much to begin with).
This is the kind of “Tiger” I am talking about.  A Tiger Trout is a fish that I have had a yearning to fish for over some time now.  A Tiger Trout is a sterile mixing of a Brown Trout with a Brook Trout.
Southeast Idaho, where I lived for (25) plus years had lots of Trout, just no Tiger Trout.  After moving to Colorado a few years ago, the Tiger Trout became more of a possibility for me.  Several Colorado waters hold the Tiger Trout and they are quite popular with those that have had the opportunity to fish for them.  That being said, the Tiger Trout is still on my bucket list.  One day I will fish for Tiger Trout! It will just take some advanced planning and a little bit of talkin’ to the Fish Gods to get me into one of these beauty’s.  Until then, like I said in the title, maybe someday!
The above picture is the current Colorado State Record Tiger Trout of (5) pounds and (3) Ounces  taken by Brandon Fox in 2015……………

I will follow this post up with another post in a few days pertaining to some flies I have been tying for that eventual run in with the Tiger Trout.  Really nothing earth shattering just a few Wooly Bugger, Leech, and Streamer patterns.

I will be away from home over the next week and will be using any Wi_Fi hook up I can find to stay in touch with my blogging friends.  Will be traveling to Wisconsin to enjoy the Graduation of my Grandson from High School.  Rush trip, Fly Fishing gear staying at home.