Saturday, December 31, 2016

That's A Wrap....And When All Else Fails...........

Been just a little hectic around home for the last week or so.....Try as I might, my good intentions were to post a worthwhile post on an ol' fly pattern I came across that would work on my local fish population......

Well, you know what they say about that.  "Life is full of good intentions".  Alas, time has slipped away on the final day of 2016 and that post is still waiting in the wings.  However, I did want to take the time to wish all of my readers and fellow BlogBuddies a very Happy New Year 2017.  May peace and good health and good fishing await each of you during the new year.

I have not really taken the time in the past to write blog wrap ups at the end of the year.  So, I won't buck that trend this year either.  However, I do have a New Year's resolution as far as fishing goes for me here at Fly Tyin' Times.  I refuse to get skunked this next year! How is that for a Resolution!

When all else fails, I will resort to a method I learned as a kid years ago................


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fly Tyin' Times And A Resolution Pre-Christmas

Been rather quiet around here as far as blog activity goes for a couple of weeks.  However, I hope that you will soon see why......

Pre-Christmas Resolution: 
My wife (Diane) - That fly tying desk is a mess.
Me: I know it hasn't been cleaned up in at least a year of fly tying.  But, I know where everything is. (I don't think she bought that line...)
Diane: You know that old desk is about too fall apart.  The drawers are coming off the hinges, it is all scarred up, and it is warped wood on this corner.........
Me: Whoa, is me! What do you think I should do?
Diane: I have an idea, but, it will take a commitment from you.
Me: I am all ears, but a commitment, gee, I don't know.  It's fly tying season and I have a fly tying list that is growing by the day..........
Diane: Here is the deal! You organize your fly tying material and clean off that old desk and you can go buy a brand new fly tying desk that you like and looks nice in the room here and has a place to store your basic everyday needs for fly tying.
Me: Wow, thanks for the motivation! That old desk sure is a mess and an eyesore.  I am on it....

Update: Commitment met, fly tying material organized, old desk trashed, and, a new one in  place.

 A beautiful roll top fly tying desk that is spic and span (for today!), and, all materials organized and within quick reach.  The desk has locking features on the drawers top and bottom so grandchildren, cats, dogs, or other old Geezers have to have a pass key if I am not there! (Tee Hee....)  How long is it going to look brand new.  Not long, I have some Soft Hackles, Midges, Nymphs, Dries, Streamers, Leeches, Panfish Bugs, etc. on my to do list.

Here is one that would be the last pattern I tied from the old and retired fly tying desk.

I am also going to focus my blog efforts on Fly Tyin' Times.  ***Note the change in the blog name above on my new Blog Header.    This does not require any changes to the link that my readers and BlogBuddies are using to find my latest blog work.  However, if you choose too, you may want to change the blog name on your blogrolls to "Fly Tyin' Times".  Again, totally up to you, but, I will be here blogging away with a focus on fly tying.

(Disclaimer): I have a long fly tying history and have tied at several regional conclaves and have taught beginning level fly tying classes at high schools and fly shops.  I don't do that as much anymore as I have aged, but, would be more than willing to help individuals who may have fly tying questions here on my blog or via email if that would be easier for you.  My email address is:
 I do not tie commercially anymore.  Never had much fun when I was doing that for awhile.   I have been known to share flies while on the water and give some to friends and neighbors and fellow BlogBuddies.  It is my pleasure!!  For while, I marketed my own line of Nymph Dubbing and Leech Dubbing.  Sold as much of it as fast as I could make it,   Once, I even turned down an offer from a Distributor to sell the rights to my dubbing and be involved in traveling to (Timbuktu, some place) to train others the dubbing business.  Anyway, that is history and I take my fly tying and my love of fly tying quite seriously.  I hope to share some of that love as we move forward in a new blogging direction for 2017.  End of Disclaimer)

Happy Hookups in 2017...............

P.S. So as to leave my window open on the blog, you will still see the occasional fly fishing posts about fishing the Warm Water Ponds near my home and the occasional trout trip to the Big Thompson River and RMNP as they come to be...................


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Wowzer Wednesday" - A Winter Version............

It's Wednesday......... It's Winter time.......... It's snowing outside........... It's expected to be a 
(-7) degrees tonight.  Brrr........ I don't see a person interested in going fishing anywhere in my line of sight......  What to do?

Well, how about putting up a "Wowzer Wednesday" Winter version here on the blog!
 As a reminder, "Wowzer Wednesdays" are used to show some blog love and other information about fly fishing etc. from around the 'net.

Let me begin with this:
My BlogBuddy, Kevin, over at Feather Chucker, just posted a wonderful video on Fly Fishing.  I realize I could steal the video and show it here, but, I am not that kind of Geezer!  Here is a link to Kevin's Video.  If you have not seen it yet, drop over and watch it.  I was very moved by the message and the other general information given on this video.  Thanks, Kevin!

A relatively new BlogBuddy of mine, Jeff, over at Bobcat Hollow Fly Fishing/Tying, could use some love about now, too.  Jeff recently had to go through some emergency surgery issues and has been on recuperation road for a little while now.  Jeff is an outstanding fly tyer and has spent some of his recovery time at the vise.  Here is a link to his most recent work on fly tying.  
I think we can agree that his patterns look great and give us some thought and ideas for our winter tying sessions.

BlogBuddy, Neil, at Soft Hackles, Tight Lines is always covering interesting history on soft hackle fly patterns.  I really enjoy his post and his most recent post is a soft hackle pattern that I will be tying soon to try on Colorado trout and warmwater fish.  Here is the link to that pattern.  Red Ass or Arkansas Red Butt.......

An Update on Cabela's CGR..... I guess you never know.  While I previously understood that the CGR Fiberglass Rod's would be priced at $49.00 or so through Christmas, that apparently didn't hold quite true.  I hope those of you who were considering it got on board at that incredible price.  Seems they briefly sold out, and, then when restocking them have them now priced at $65.00.  While that still is an outstanding price for these rods, I have no idea if they will drop the price again before Christmas.  

I have heard the term "trout bum" bandied about quite a bit. Heck on occasion, I have even been called one. However, I am not sure that I know exactly what one is. I took it upon myself to investigate this term. I read the very insightful book by John Gierach on the subject. I traveled to the various places where trout bums congregate. I went fishing on the Madison, the Deschutes, the Henry's Fork, the Green, the San Juan, the Yellow Stone and every other trout stream where I thought I might learn something useful on the subject. I attended National Conclaves, Southern Conclaves, Sow Bug Roundups, and the "Home Waters" Expo. I visited lodges, fly shops, bars and fishing cabins. I have talked to countless anglers. Sadly, I am unable to find a succinct definition. What I was able to identify from all of this learned research is that there are certain indicative behaviors that can predict whether you are a trout bum. The more of these that you exhibit the more likely it is that you are one. I have listed a few of these indicators below.

If your cat is named Winston and your dog is called Lefty, you might be a trout bum.

If your family had to eat Christmas dinner on TV trays because your dining room table is set aside for fly tying, you might be a trout bum.

If you missed the birth of your first child because it coincided with the start of the sulphur fly hatch, you might be a trout bum.

If your fly tying vise cost more than your automobile, you might be a trout bum.

If one or more of your children were conceived on the back seat of a drift boat during a lull in the salmon fly hatch, you might be a trout bum.

If your wedding reception was held in a fly shop, you might be a trout bum.

If your wife wants to do something romantic on your anniversary and you take her night fishing, you might be a trout bum.

If she thinks you finally hit a home run with that idea, she might be a trout bum.

If you have ever worn a fishing shirt to a funeral, you might be a trout bum.

If Wapsi or Orvis makes more than three deliveries a week to your home, you might be a trout bum.

If you can identify every insect you encounter on the river with its complete scientific name (in Latin) but can't remember your children's names, you might be a trout bum.

If the only time anyone has seen you cry was when you broke the tip on your bamboo rod, you might be a trout bum.

If your greatest fear in life is that when you die your wife will sell your fishing tackle for what you told her you paid for it, you might be a trout bum.

If you honestly believe that you can save money by tying your own flies, you might be a trout bum.

If you own more fly boxes (all completely filled with flies) than your wife has pairs of shoes, you might be a trout bum.

This list is by no means complete. I would not be concerned unless I exhibited more than five indicators.

Ok, let's wrap us this Winter version of "Wowzer Wednesdays" with what it might take to get us older "Geezers" back out ice fishing with flies!
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