Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wowzer Wednesday!!

What is a Wowser Wednesday? Who knows....... I just thought it sounded good so I went with that for a title to this post. (I cannot and will not be held accountable for regular Wowser Wednesdays, but, they just might show up once in awhile....)

As I have re-entered the blogging scene after my hiatus of (6) months or so, it has been very gratifying to me to make contact and get a very warm welcome back from all my blogging friends.  Obviously, I really missed communicating with them and reading their posts over that time.  That being said, I think I have finally caught up with all my back reading of posts and feel somewhat caught up.

Now for a Wowser Wednesday.....................................................
 My intent here is to share some blogging love to a few of my fellow Bloggers when I decide to to a Wowser Wednesday.  These folks are truly dedicated to their love of fishing and deep in their soul lives a love of blogging and sharing with others.  During the past week there have been (3) Bloggers from my BlogRoll that have really set the mood for motivation to get out on the water.  That is they had a great fishing experience and took the time to make the readers all drool a little from telling their stories. I encourage my readers, if you have not already done so, to go...
go now.... and read these posts and drool like this ol' geezer did when he read them.

In no specific order here, a Wowzer for the following Bloggers and their posts..............

Small Stream Reflections -

"What a marvelous job by my blogbuddy, Alan" One of the best I have read in a long time!"

Kidder Fishing -

"Now Tim at Kidder Fishing just doesn't seem to have any problems catching huge Brown Trout by himself!" Picture proof to say the least.......................

Feather Chucker -

"My blogbuddy, Kevin, landed his personal best Brown Trout recently and what a fine fish it is!"

Hope you enjoy checking these out, and if you have already seen them, read them again!  Give them a heads up that they received a "Wowzer Wednesday" from this ol' geezer........


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fishless Friday.......... Sort of.......................

Haven't been feeling all that well the last couple of days................ However.....................
At the encouragement of my son, Matt, I decided to tough it out and go fishing last Friday morning early.  His thought, which I thought was a good idea, was to be on the water shortly after 6:00 A.M.  We wanted to hit the ponds near home before the sun warmed everything up.  We had spent a previous day on the water a couple of weeks ago in 80 degree heat…………………….
What we didn’t think through clearly was that the warm water fish, Bluegill, Crappie, Bass, were not likely to be active that time of the morning.  Simply, the water temperature was still really cold for warm water species.  We seen lots of Bluegill and a Bass or two.  Casting was for practice only and too watch the fish swim along nosing up to your lure, but, not interested in feeding at all.  Matt did happen to entice a Crappie on a jig.  Mr. Crappie was released back to the water to grow up and warm up for that matter.
We decided to try our luck over on the pond that has been really good for Rainbow trout.  These are stocker fish that run between (10 and 14) inches.  Again, Matt, got into several trout using a strong jigging action.  He was using a jig that I had tied at the fly tying vise during the winter months.  It is a jig pattern of a favorite fly pattern from my fly fishing days.  Here it is:

Here is the kicker! I had tied one and one only before I retired my tying gear to storage.  I had given it too Matt to fish with.  He did, the Rainbow Trout loved it and eventually chewed it up good!  I guess I must own up to the fact that I did not catch a thing today.  It was a fishless Friday for me, but, still fun to be on the water.  Reminder: Take Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Enjoy, I Did............................

My last post referred to fishing on my favorite ponds for Largemouth Bass.   I went, I enjoyed, and I caught Largemouth Bass.  How is that for a plan!
Excuse me? Where is the picture of my best Largemouth Bass for the day? Let’s blame it on the camera….. The camera man thought he did a swell job.  He will need to work on his technique a little.  This is a shot of me returning my fishing pliers to my holder just after releasing the best Largemouth Bass of the day.  In all fun, the camera man did get this picture spot on! I know sounds like a fishing story for sure.  Ok, how about a picture of the Blue Fox spinner I landed the fish on.
Since it was during the heat of the afternoon, the Largemouth Bass and Bluegill were not in much of a feeding mode.  What is a guy to do?
Thank goodness for a little flow in the Big Thompson River nearby!!  A few casts and look what I found. 
A chunky Brown Trout came out to play.  Happy to see that the fish are there after some serious flooding damage over the past few years.  This fish was interested by a Rooster Tail Spinner.  I am happy I could oblige him!
More fun with Brown Trout on the Big Thompson River.  Enjoy, I did……..

Thursday, May 19, 2016

On The Pond..........

What a beautiful picture of an early morning sunrise about to be on one of my favorite ponds that I love too fish.  I can’t take credit for the picture, but, I sure can enjoy the impact of this shot.  It is like welcome back to the ponds for the 2016 fishing season.  It is time for some on the water therapy benefits for both me and the fish, I hope!
Coincidence this year brought some beautiful weather to Northern Colorado along with the coming of Spring Break for all the schools in the area.  Therefore, there has been a deluge of anglers, Grandparents, Moms and Dads, Children, Grandchildren, and other unattached folk to the the ponds I like to fish.  Most of them concentrate on Dragonfly Pond which is stocked a couple a times a year with a whole slew of (10) inch Rainbow Trout.  There are other fish in the pond, but, the Rainbow Trout is the primary target on this pond until the Trout are fished out.  At that time, an angler has a much better chance of fishing for Bass, Sunfish, and other warmwater fish that co-habitat in that particular pond.  **Note, the above picture is of Bass Pond, and, not Dragonfly Pond.  Also, to note that last year my best Largemouth Bass of the year came from Trout populated Dragonfly Pond………
So, a few days ago, I was able to spend several hours on Bass Pond with my son, Matt!  In an attempt to avoid any gathering of crowds, we decided to fish the South side of the pond.  This requires a short walk of about (5) minutes carrying all your gear.  TiP: Most folks who are not serious fisherman or gals, but who just want to get to the water, set up a chair and start chucking some bait, don’t bother with walking very far!
In any manner, we opted to try a couple of spot along the South shore.  Casting out into a little deeper water seemed to be a waste of time.  The water is cold and the Bass are not going to chase down a lure during this particular time.  However, a few Bass and plenty of small Bluegill were withing casting range near shoreline laying around some Moss at about (1-4) feet of water.  Matt got into the first Bass of the year and then followed up with his second Bass.
Good work, Matt, for a couple of rusty anglers too start the new season!  Matt was working some White Jigs for his Bass.
Unfortunately, I spent my time fishing hardware.  I tried a couple of different color Kastmasters and Rooster Tail spinners, but, the fish were not interested in what I offered on this day.  I did have a near surface strike from a reasonable sized Bluegill, but, it was more just the fish bumping my lure away from their area.  It was not the first time or will it be the last time that I ended up with nothing but a smile on my face for a fun day of fishing.
I will be back to my favorite ponds as soon as I get a chance!!
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