Friday, July 29, 2016

Tying & Fishing The Foam Krystal Beetle............

Some more work from the tying vise while I am enduring the high heat in Northern Colorado. (Actually, as I write this, we have had a day or two of cooler weather.  Here Fishy, Fishy!)

I have added the Foam Krystal Beetle to my Tyin' Times Page for your reference in the future. 
Additionally, if you simply want to click on the picture of the Foam Krystal Beetle on my Sidebar, you will be taken to the page and see all the patterns that I have uploaded to this point in time.

Important to note here:  My patterns are patterns that I have fished with and had good success with.  They work! That does not mean they are my original patterns.  They are not.  With the history of fly tying down through the generations, it is my belief that most ideas have been thought of and tried before I tried them.  I was talking with Neil Norman over on his blog, 
Soft Hackles,Tight Lines
He referred to a Soft Hackle pattern that he liked and wanted to put in his fly box.  I indicated too him that I recently have had success with a similar Soft Hackle Fly (Mirage Soft Hackle).  Interestingly enough, Neil had done some research and found that a similar pattern had been tied back in the 1930's.  So again, unless, we have new fly tying material being introduced in some manner to us to use, then there isn't really much new that has not been tried before.....

So here is the Foam Krystal Beetle, material description, and, some tips on fishing it.............


Thread: Black 6/0
Hook Size: 12 -14 1x Long Dry Fly Hook
Shellback: Black 2MM Foam Approximately the width of the hook gap
Body: Peacock Black Krystal Chenille
Legs: Strands of Peacock Black Krystal Flash
Indicator: 2MM piece of White Foam tied in at leg tie in point
Head: Black thread and Whip Finish
Tied to represent the Black Beetle that often times is blown into the water during Summer and Fall Terrestrial season.  This pattern is effective on both streams and stillwater for Trout and is very effective on the local Bluegill Ponds.

Fishing Instructions:
Use a floating line, of course, for best results.  The "White" indicator on the this fly will help in keeping eye contact with your fly position on the water.  Fish, generally, are not selective when taking a Beetle pattern.  They are on it or they are not!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Hot - The Dog Days - Even The Liars - Why I fish

No shocking news here......... It's hot! Every day is hot.  Been like this for (6) weeks in Northern Colorado where I live.  Too hot to do much of anything.  The fish are stressed, I am stressed, etc., etc.

That is not even beginning to talk about our smoky air as Colorado is in the throngs of a dry season and lots of fires.  Did I say I was stressed.  Neither me or the fish can catch a break.  

It's the  DOG DAYS of Summer already.

Now, I tried to go fishing a few days ago.  It was terribly hot! What could I have been possibly thinking?  Do you want to know how hot it was and how bad the fishing was............................

So, after giving it much thought (not quite the truth), I headed home for a nap and a cold drink and pondered why I even bother to go fishing.  Here are a few reasons that I could think of.....

I think the Ol' Gray Eagle will head back to the tying vise and another cold drink.................

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tying and Fishing The ID Olive Soft Hackle

ID Olive Soft Hackle
Tied to represent Caddis Pupa or Emerger fished just sub-surface, or, as a basic Soft Hackle fished wet in ponds, lakes, and streams.
TypeCaddis Emerger
Target SpeciesPanfish, Trout
Imitation TypeCaddis Flies
Tying Instructions
Using a Tiemco 200R style hook, or, similar style hook. Tied in sizes 10 -14. Begin by inserting a small olive colored glass bead on the hook and bringing it up to the eye of the hook. Make a few wraps with your thread behind the plastic bead to keep bead from sliding back on hook.
Move thread to rear of hook near barb. Tie in your wire rib.
At the point of barb on hook, form a dubbing loop with your thread. Place a small amount of Olive Ice Dubbing in your loop and twist or spin loop to form the dubbing noodle.
Wrap your dubbing noodle forward to 3/4 point on hook shank. Tie off and trim remainder of dubbing loop if necessary.
Size and tie in a Dyed Olive Partridge feather pointing rearward (wet fly) style. Wrap feather a couple of times and tie off. Move your thread to front of feather and make a wrap or two rearward with thread to further set the feather in a rearward style.
Now using the standard dubbing method (Non-Loop) apply a bit more Olive Ice Dubbing to your thread and wrap a few times in front of feather to area where bead sets on hook.
Whip Finish and have fun fishing this fun style of fly.

Fishing Instructions
Used on a floating line while stream fishing, on ponds for panfish, I prefer to use a floating line and longer leader or if the fish are down a few feet an Intermediate sinking line would do well
****The ID Olive Soft Hackle can also be found on my new fly tying page, along with, other patterns you may be interested in tying and fishing.  Hit the link!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Fly Fishing Journey - This Ol' Hat.............................................

Have been taking some time to re-live some of my fly fishing journey over the years.  Lots of old pictures before the Internet and photo editing programs became the real thing.  I came across a set of pictures that really spoke to me and said, "Remember this Ol' Hat".  These pictures will take us back to a time period between 1975 to 1985.  Some time from my fly fishing stillwater's period of my life.

I hope you will enjoy my post and some of the pictures that I will share with you.  So here are a few shots from some time ago. 

First off, let me start with something that was very close too me during that time.  No, not a fly rod or reel, but, my well worn ol' fishing hat.

Now, this western style straw hat was what I wore for many, many years.  Please note the fleece lined head band on the hat filled with Wooly Buggers, Mohair Leeches, Stayner Ducktails, and a few smaller nymph patterns.  I kept it loaded and ready to fish with.  I was even known to give away a few that I had stuck in my hat if I had the "hot" pattern of the day.  Usually, in my fishing at the time, I could pretty much fish one of the patterns on this hat and could count on being successful for the day.

  The old round float tube.  This one was one of the early dinosaur models back in the day made by a fellow angler out of Nampa, Idaho, Wayne "Tex" Meeks.   One always wondered if we tipped the tube back too far, would it tip over.  You probably could, but, it would have to be a violent jerk backwards for that too happen.  I caught many, many fish over a number of years out of this tube with no problem at all.  It was almost too comfortable on a hot day (taking a nap) once in awhile would be interrupted by the electrifying jerk of a trout on the other end of the line.  Also, please note the hat in place.  I was kind of a Merle Haggard look alike back in the day.............

Here is a picture of yours truly with my fish-mobile of that day and age.  That old Dodge pickup and me put 350,000 miles on each other traveling all over the States of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, etc. etc. chasing stillwater trout.  Oh, the stories I could tell you all.

But, alas, those days are gone and faded pictures is all I have for memories.  I hope to have recaptured some of the moments with this post and a few future posts like this as I get the time.

**** My bad, I forgot to give due credit here to my Blogbuddy Mike over at Troutrageous.  Mike took some old yellow pictures and did what he could with today's technology to bring some life to them.  Thanks, Mike.  Now that is a true BlogBuddy!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just A Quick Minute Of Your Time For Some Top Secret Blog Material

Well, I really don't have any "Top Secret" information to share.  I was, however, hoping to get enough attention to get a little action from my BlogBuddies and any new readers who might wander by.......................

My Blog, Mel's Fishin' Times, did not disappear as you may think when you clicked on the link.  However, I have made a little change to the link address to better fit my blogs current format.  You can now find my blog in all of its entirety by adjusting your blog link to my blog.  Here is the new link:

For my BlogBuddies: As you have a minute please adjust my link on your Blogrolls.  The same stuff will be there as I focus on fly fishing and fly tying for the budget minded angler of today!

See you over on Fly Fishin' Times.......................

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Seems Fitting For My Blog...................

I came across this picture and caption over on the Steelhead Manifesto blog .  I believe it's words are really what the theme of my blog is all about.  I wanted to share it with my readers and fellow BlogBuddies.

Thanks for your visit and comments as always.  Been laying low over the Independence Day stretch of time in my area.  Hope to get on the water soon when less folks are out and about.

Hope that is not wishful thinkin'.......................................
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