Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fly Fishing The Pahsimeroi River - Another Day And Time

The "Forgotten" River in Idaho is what some call it............ Except it has always been there.  Just lost in the plethora of other famous and well known waters in Southern Idaho area.  Let me step back in time and share with you a memory from a wonderful day fly fishing The Pahsimeroi River over in the other valley where folks have forgotten or are not aware of the history and riches of the area.

 Located on the map at the letter "e".  The river runs through the valley from it's headwaters for roughly (57) miles before it dumps into the more well known Salmon River at Ellis, Idaho.  There are many ranches and old homesteads in this area as the river runs through the valley passing the old mining town of Patterson and May, Idaho, before it reaches its destination.

I have some sentimentality with this area.  Many family members worked the mine in Patterson during it's good times.  Many left the valley when the mine "dried" up and went on to lead their lives in other areas widespread.  Some of my relatives are buried in the May Cemetery.  It is an area rich with history and lots of stories from earlier generations.

Now on to the main point of this blog post.  The Fly Fishing in The Pahsimeroi River that I experienced.  I must admit that in my (35) years spent living in Southern Idaho that I only fished this river one time.  However, I did visit the area on multiple occasions primarily on family activities such as camping trips or family reunions.  

One day, long ago, my brother Dennis suggested that we go down and try to find a spot to fish on The Pahsimeroi River.  Something different to do besides fishing the Salmon River and Valley Creek while staying at his place in Stanley, Idaho.  As is often the case, much of The Pahsimeroi River runs through private property and ranch lands.  We knew we would have to, more than likely, request permission to access the river somewhere along it's route.  So off we went prepared for an adventure!

When we reached the river, we took the road up the highway from Ellis, Idaho, into the valley.  We kept our eyes on the river as much as we could looking for a stretch that begged us to ask landowner permission.  Fate was with us and we pulled into a older white ranch home on the upper side of the highway from the river.

I remember being somewhat uneasy as we approached the door.  I have met and talked too some very rigid landowners, and rightfully so, who had no interest in allowing folks to fish on their property.  However, in this case we were met at the door by a little old lady.  I am guessing she was near (80) years old at the time.  We asked politely if we could cross her land to fish on the river.  Her response was amazing.  "Sure you can, she said.  You can drive in through that gate there, but, just be sure to close the gate behind you so that the horses don't get out"....

Still somewhat awed by her kindness, we drove down the road, opened the gate and closed it up to keep the horses in and headed to the stream.   The rest of the story is a fly fishing day that comes so rarely.  No other anglers around, a beautiful day and the Pahsimeroi trout.  

I like to say this was "BC" time.   Before cameras that is, but, that is not true.  I just forgot my camera.  So to bring this story into spectrum, I have selected a few photos found online to share my experience.

Down through the pasture the river meanders along!

Immersed in total trout stream Heaven.........

Dry Fly fishing as sweet as you would ever want it!

Now, it was not easy fishing! These Rainbows were fairly selective and your drift and presentation had to be just right.  But, we did meet the challenge on a number of occasions.
Thinking back, my memory leads me to remember a couple of flies that were successful on this day.
 The Adams Irresistible did the job on a number of trout.

This is where, also, I fell in love with Yellow Humpy's for the first time...................

Sorry no fish pictures as all fish were immediately released to waters they treasured.  However, I could not finish this rambling post without one more short memory.  

We wanted to thank the lady from the ranch house for her kindness.  So as we pulled out of the field, closed the gate, and secured the horses inside as requested, we drove back up to the house to share our day and to give thanks for this wonderful experience.  The sun was going down as we knocked on the door.  She welcomed us in and ask how we enjoyed our day.  Unbelievably, she handed us each a bag with Roast Beef sandwiches and homemade Chocolate Brownies to eat on the way back to Stanley that night.  What a class act!

So to The River Damsel, now you know where my fly fishing and love of cookies (Brownies) had it's start............ Sweet!

This Ol' Eagle is going to stop now for it is time to rest the eyes and fingers of pain..........

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fishing The "Other" Rivers and A Few Recollections.....

First off, I would be re-miss if I didn't give a shout out to all of you who have helped me make it through a very bleak August.  All of my BlogBuddies came forth with lots of love, support, and wise perceptions to help me see some light.  You know who you are, so I won't give a detailed list of who offered what.........  Just to say, I am so very humble and moved by the friendship shown to me.  Thanks for sharing some Blog Love............

A few of you suggested I continue my blog with stories from my past.  I do have a lot of stored memories in my Brain somewhere, and, I will attempt to put few a few here as I continue to deal with my Arthritis pain and love of fly fishing.  Today's post is one of them.......................

Before I returned to Northern Colorado to retire with my family, I spent the previous (35) years living in Southern Idaho.  Most of that in South Eastern Idaho, not far from some great trout fishing in The Henry's Fork and South Fork's of the Snake River.  To go along with them, I had many opportunities to fish the Teton River, Warm River, Fall River's etc. of that corner of the State of Idaho.  

I would like to take a step back in time and share a few old photos (really old point and shoot pictures taken before today's more technical editing programs to spruce up your pictures).  Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Fly Fishing The Henry's Fork of the Snake River
Via Wading and Drift Boating.

In comparison, this is Big Springs or better known as the Headwaters of the 
Henrys Fork Of The Snak River

This is a shot of me nymphing the Warm River
Thinking back it may have been a Windknot & Tangled Line

One of those hidden places where you left some great memories!
This is the Fall River very near Yellowstone National Park.
I used to love wading from this side of the river and floating
Parachute Adams to hungry Rainbow Trout.  (AKA: The Rainbow Chaser)

The last couple of old pictures that I have to share today come from
The South Fork of the Snake River.  If you ever get to Eastern Idaho and want to Fly Fish
You owe it to yourself to have someone run you down the South Fork Canyon
Where you have great chances at having action all day on beautiful Cutthroat Trout,
and on occasion a Brown Trout if you are holding your mouth right!

Again, The South Fork of the Snake River, downstream from Palisades Dam.
Riffle fishing at it's best! Where an angler and the Nymph pattern of the day 
Could catch enough fish to wear out a shoulder on overcast days like this one.

These are just a few of the "Other" rivers I had the blessing and opportunity to fish over my years.  Thank you all for letting me share them with you here.  It has been great therapy for 

We will have to do this again, sometime.........................

This Ol' Eagle is going to go take a nap, now..........

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I'll Have A Cup..............................

A couple of thoughts on my mind this morning............................

1. What to do about my blog?  Not fly fishing puts a crimp into a blog titled, "Fly Fishin' Times"................. I have considerable doubt that anyone wants to read a blog from someone who spends his fishing time pretty much sitting in a chair on the bank........... On my best day I can see me putting forth the effort to walk along the lake shoreline for a few random casts.

2. At least we are near the Fall of the year and football is back.  Go Broncos!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Something Went Wrong.................

I tell you what, was I ever glad to see July and the heat leave Northern Colorado about the same time.  What's that you say? My gosh, it is still August ahead of us and around here it is known as the dog days of heat.  Well, August has began with some cooler weather and even a smattering of rain here and there on a day or two.  Boy, am I ever ready to go fishing!!!!!!!!!

WRONG!! Something went very wrong........................................................................................

I went to bed the other evening anticipating the cooler weather and fishing.  What I woke up with seems like bad Karma to me................... You see, I could hardly get out of bed, let along walk anywhere except to the bathroom or my easy chair.  My back has gone totally out of whack.  Not really improving and not looking forward to seeing a doctor or the infamous "Cracktopractor"!  I have used pain pills, muscle relaxers, heated massage and vibration while sitting in my easy chair, and, have actually made it too the local hot tubs for a dip or two.  

Woe is me! Anyhow, I thought I would look for some back support mechanisms to see if we squish everything in one spot with a brace had any effect.

Now this guy is designed to be worn while you are out fly fishing or whatever to give you some back stability.   Simms products are good products no doubt! I am just not willing to cough over a $100 to get this rig.  

But, what about my back.  Well, this evening my wife literally drug me to the local Wal-Mart and picked up a double walled back support brace that looks similar to what Simms has here.  The difference is Wal-Mart cost is $25.00.  I have it on as I am typing this and it is helping for the time being.  

So, I am spending some time on the computer and checking in on my blogging friends for the first time in a week or so.  Have not read or commented on any during this time...........

You all keep up the good work and I will, with a blessing or two, be able to stand upright and walk soon.  I did that once when I was a year old for the first time.  (65) years later I am learning all over again!

The Ol' Gray Eagle is down, but, will fly again soon................................
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