Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Last Look......

Time changes everything...... The beautiful colors of the Fall season are hanging on 'till their last breath.

Winter season will soon be upon us...... Cold, snow, bone chilling winds at times......
But, Winter brings a calm, too.......... Those moments when serenity can be found along a trout stream even in fresh fallen snow.  Maybe your steps are the first in the snow, maybe not..........
Just follow those steps, "Peace" is where you find it.......  This time of year Wildlife are still there, keep your eyes open, they like their peace, too.

For me, personally, my age doesn't allow me the freedom it once did during the cold, winter season.  I will spend my time tying flies and trying new creations at the vise.  I will never fish them all, but, I find my "Peace" there and dreaming of the last trip out in the Fall season...

Good Bye, Fall.....................................................................

 Along a small stream in Rocky Mountain National Park
The home of my last fly caught trout.....

Picture taken by Heather Croze
It is so beautiful.................

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An Obligation I Need To Keep........

As most of my readers who have been following my blog efforts for the past few years know, I am an advocate for Budget Minded Fly Fishing Gear.  Living my Social Security - Retired life has certainly put a crimp on me spending big dollars for some of the high end, well built gear, that encompass much of the fly fishing scene.  There is a growing group of folks, who like me, can't afford or choose to start their fly fishing careers with budget minded gear.  Let me give a shout out here to a Facebook Group I began a couple of years ago that has been a great asset to those folks who want to pursue fly fishing with budget minded gear.  The Group has been very, very well received and I encourage folks who do the Facebook thing to check it out.

My ventures into fishing with a fiberglass fly rod of the last year or so has been enjoyable because I have been able to take advantage of great buys from Cabela's on their CGR fly rods and CGR fly reels.  Both allow me to fish the waters near my home, enjoy the fly fishing part of my life that I love, and, do it without breaking the bank! Today there are many company's that seem to be recognizing a need for value budget minded gear.  That is a good thing!

I wanted to give another shout out to long time blogger, Brandon Robinson, One Bug Is Fake.
Brandon has recently started up another blog with budget minded fly fishing in mind and is off to a good start for anyone who wants to further pursue fly fishing on a budget or perhaps for those of you who are just getting started.  His new blog efforts are at Fly & Dime.  

Be sure and give Brandon's new blog a look and read some of the great new posts for the budget minded angler like this one!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and have a safe and happy holiday..........


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

76 Degrees........ And An Inch Of Snow.......And Other Bits

November 15th, 2016
What a beautiful day
(76) The predicted high! 
Man, what a Fall season it has been in Colorado
Been a pleasure......

 Let your mind drift forward (48) hours
November 17, 2016
What is that you see?
An inch or two of snow precicted
For this afternoon
You can never outsmart
Mother Nature...........

Other tidbits of fly fishing related stuff.....................................................

I received an email from Cabela's just a few days ago.  Nothing unusual this time of year to get lots of emails offering Black Friday type sales and stuff.  However, this particular email brought news of Cabela's CGR Fiberglass Rods at an unbelievable price of $49.00 and some odd cents.  

Simply, Wow!
 I currently own a couple of the Cabela's CGR "Prime Series" one piece fly rods.  I am not prepared at this time to do a review of those rods.  More practice needed...........

However, the (3) piece rods were not available at the time I purchased the (1) piece rods.  I know several  of my blogging friends who own and have reviewed these (3) piece rods.  They love them.  

Needless to say, I succumb easy to very good fly rods at great prices.  I, immediately, ordered and already received the CGR in the picture above.  (7 1/2 ft. 5-6 weight)  

Encourage others who want to try fiberglass rods at great prices to jump on the bandwagon! I have heard that these rods are on sale through Christmas day.  That being said, I expect them to go through them fast so backorder's may become a problem.  

I am going to order a (7 1/2' 7-8 WT) for throwing big Buggers and Bass Bugs at my favorite Largemouth Bass population.

Nuff' Said! 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eruption: The Full View

Now, I know that this blog is a fly fishing related blog! But, sometimes my readers will just have to be patient with me as I wander a little bit.

It was couple of nights ago, just around sundown here in Loveland, Colorado.  I happen to walk out on my patio to take a look at the sunset.  This time of year we get much less time to enjoy the sunset than on Summer's longer days.  So, I wanted to catch a quick view before it went away all too soon.  My patio view is directly west where the sun provides some beautiful settings through out the year.  

As I looked out towards the mountains west of Loveland, I was simply stunned by the view and what I saw. (Note: The picture below is not my picture, but, one that was shared by local Loveland photographer, Dick K.).  With his permission it is shared here..........

It has been (48) hours now and I can't stop talking about what I saw and what Dick K. and his camera caught for us all to look at.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!  

Too me, it appears that the two mountain peaks have "Erupted" volcano style.  That is in appearance only.  Neither, Dick K. or I have an explanation for the scene that appears to have two funnels coming from the mountain.  It didn't last long and then it was all gone!

Do any of you have any idea, or, have you seen anything like this before?  All comments are appreciated as usual.

Spell binding....................

Thursday, November 10, 2016

God Bless Our Defenders...........

Tomorrow is Veterans Day 2016.  I will be busy with a couple of activities near home on this day.  

From one Veteran to all those who have served, defended, and given their life for this country.

God Bless You and Your Families............ 

 Mel Moore Spc 4 U.S. Army 1969-1971

Blog Matters...................

Some "To Do" stuff on my mind.  No pictures here tonight.  Just words........................

I have purchased a (dot com) address and will be blogging from there effective today, tonight, depending on where you are located.

The new address will be

So, if any of you readers are so inclined and remain interested in my blabberings please come visit at my new address.

See ya' on the new site address. 

For those who have been following my blog adventures and are already linked to my Blogger life, you will not need to alter my link on your blogrolls.  It will automatically re-direct.

If there are any problems please don't hesitate to let me know with a comment.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Makeup.............Casting With A Fly & Bubble

Anyone can enjoy fly fishing with this method.  While not considered fly fishing by the “In Crowd”, rest assured that this simple method is very effective most of the time on your favorite waters.  Dare, I say, more so on other days than traditional fly fishing.  This is an inexpensive way to share the fun of fly fishing!
Thought I would detail the Makeup I use to fish casting bubbles with a fly….. This is my choice, but feel free, to use whatever spinning gear you have as far as rod and reel goes and pick up a casting bubble or two at the sporting goods store.  Use your favorite fly patterns to give it a try.  The local shop should be more than willing to give you some pattern information for your area.
The Make Up……….
My favorite spinning rod – A 7ft. – (4) piece – Medium Light Action.
Matched with a Pflueger President Series Reel and (4) or (6) pound line
My favorite style casting bubble.  Can add water to bubble for distance…..
Add one of your favorite flies from your fly box assortment and you are ready to fish flies with a spinning rod on your favorite water year round.  Except, of course, when your favorite water is iced over for the winter season!
“The Make Up” looks like this.  More details available on coming posts!

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