Saturday, April 22, 2017

If I Remember Right......................

IF I REMEMBER RIGHT....................

When I awoke this morning, for some darn reason, I was a bit grumpy.  Well, at least I woke up.  That is a positive thing at my age.......... Anyway, back to the grumpy thing.
I pondered for a minute on why I was so grumpy.  Could be I haven't been fishing lately......... That might be it! Or, it could be that I was having a flashback to the last time  I went fishing on the ponds near my home.  That could have bee it, too.

Seriously, being grumpy comes with being an ol' geezer.  I think that's it if I remember right!  Being an ol' geezer also comes with forgetfulness, too.  So let me see if I can remember why I started this blog post to begin with............ Oh, yea, I think I remember now!
Did I say something about going fishing? Maybe, if I remember right........... All an old fly fisherman, or gal for that matter, needs to remember is that they are smarter than the fish they are casting for.  Hope they can remember that long..........


Now, if I remember right, the wife said that it was going to be a good day and that I could buy a new fiberglass fly rod on the way to the pond!
I sure hope I remember right.................. I wonder if she will remember what she said, or, will it be a he said, she said thing? Chances are one of us has to be right.

Well, I bought it.  Now, just can't remember where I put it............................... Us ol' geezers sure pack a lot of gear around.  If I remember right, it all has it's specific use.  Darn, was that a two piece rod or was that one of them fancy four piece outfits?  I wish I could remember right.............. I wonder if I ever left the fly shop with the rod? Did I even stop at the Fly Shop? If I remember right.............Oh, there it is!

Whats more, where did that new little fly reel come from that's laying here with the rod? Did I purchase that to match the rod so beautifully?  Boy, I wish I could remember right..........................

Ok, let's see... What I left home with a box full of flies, didn't I? If I could remember right............. Or, is that a brand new fly box that goes with the rod and reel? I wish I could remember.............

There's my lunch sticking out from underneath my pillow............ If I remember right, I was planning on taking a nap when it warms up a bit.  Sure is hot out here today!

Now, if I can just remember where I was going to go fishing at..................... Oh well, I will find water somewhere to fish in.  If I remember right, I just might get there..............................................

Oh, No!  I think I can smell my box of worms someplace...........................  I wonder how they got in here, or better yet, how long they been here.......... If I could only remember?

Ok, I am in the car going somewhere to fish or take a nap or throw out the worms.  If I could only remember..........................................................................................................................................

I put my favorite song in the ol' CD player.  I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fly Tyin' Times - Flies At Work

Always good to hear when someone has spent their hard earned dollars on the fruits of your labor at the fly tying vise, that fruition comes from their efforts.  I thought I would share a couple of quick pictures today of my flies with all my blog readers that have been passed on to me by their users.  

Red Tag Soft Hackles and Krystal Beetles ready to go to work in Florida!  Happy hooks up,  Mike.

Iowa fly fisher, Steve Doty, has been at work on his local pond with more flies from Fly Tyin' Times....

 Nice Bluegill, Steve!  Great to see that my "Go Getter" works back that way also......

This is my Grandson, Kaleb Owens! While he wasn't fly fishing, he has been stalkin' the local ponds and getting his fair share of Bass.  What did he use? "Grandpa, I used Rooster Tails".

I am a little further behind on the fishing than I usually am as I have been homebound pretty much helping my wife through recovery of some fairly serious surgery.  So my time has been spent tying flies.........................


Thursday, April 13, 2017

What She Said.....................

All of us that write a fly fishing or fly tying blog have probably had the same thing happen to them at one time or another.  You know we all have points where we look forward to writing that next blog post.  An idea comes, and, we ponder on it awhile.  We struggle to write the words or see the full picture of where we are going with the post............ Recently, that happened to me.  I am really happy that it did!

Here is why: I have really been focused on getting Fly Tyin' Times rolled over to a lot of fly tyin' matter.  For example (the intent to include simple and effective fly patterns for fishing for Panfish, or, booting up the online shop, or, moderating the very successful Fly Tyin' Times group over on Facebook).  Things have been going well with all of that. 

Well, with that comes a lot of interest in fly tying.  I have made contact with many new tyers or those who wish to take up fly tying.   Questions abound..... What do I need to start tying flies? Should I do this or that?  Can I tie flies cheaper than I can buy them?  Those of us who do tie our flies have heard these questions from our friends and neighbors, both, online and offline.

So, regressing here, I had plans to put together a complete post to answer some of those questions and help out my readers.  As I pondered on this a bit, I read a post over on my friend, Paul Beel's blog Frankenfly. In Paul's post I read about another writer/blogger by the name of Sara Golden from The Wading Lab.  

I hit that link to the blog and read an absolutely very well done article that answered all the questions about fly tying that I had mentioned above, and, in great detail.  

So, in essence, I wish all of my readers stop over to Sara's post and read what she has to say.  I could not have written it any better.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Heads Up - One Of A Kind - Go To The "Dump"

Well, I have no idea how "Ethan The Dump Truck" will fit into this fly fishing blog post, but, here goes!

I just wanted to give all my readers a Heads UP - One Of A Kind - Go To The "Dump" shout out here on the blog this evening.

What is the "Dump", you ask?

This is a section of my blog and online shop where I will be posting Slightly Used or Like New gear that I have managed to collect over time.  Just trying to  pass along good products that I am not using so that others may benefit from them, and, get a good deal at the same time!  "The Dump" will be handled on an email basis so that we can further review the specific product being sold at reduced price.  My email is listed there with the product!

 All orders will be handled through my email address unless otherwise specified. Payment will be through PayPal unless otherwise noted.  Please send any orders or questions about products to:

Now, with that all cleared up, here are a couple of new items that I have added this evening in the "Dump"

FishPond "Waterdance" Pack - Used one season. Retails at $100.00, I am asking $50.00 plus $5.00 Shipping and handling.  This is a (1) only sale! This pack is in excellent condition. Can be worn as a chest or lumbar pack Two generously sized main compartments Adjustable compression strap system Webbing and cord loops for tools and accessory attachments Interior pockets for extra gear storage Two mesh water bottle holders (Bottles not included) Signature, zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam Padded, breathable air mesh backing for comfort Lightweight, fabric from commercial fishing nets. Email

Note:  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
***** The Fishpond Pack has sold*****

And, in addition,...................................................................................................................................

Brand New - Never Used!!!!!!!!!! One Only!!!!!
Fishpond San Juan Chest Pack. Full Retail Price is $49.95, I am asking $30.00 plus $5.00 Shipping and handling. Low-profile vertical design Zippered main compartment for secure fly box storage Zippered interior pocket Fishpond Jacquard accent webbing and climbing cord loops for accessory attachment Belt loop attachment Signature, zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam. Email Mel -

 Note: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
***** The Fishpond San Juan Chest Pack has sold****

Thanks for reading and being a support to Fly Tyin' Times.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fly Tyin' Times - Mayhem

Been a lit busier here than normal over the past couple of weeks, and in addition, my wife had some fairly serious surgery completed, so providing support and care seems essential.  Anyhow, we passed through the March Mayhem basketball stuff with the usual frenzy around my home, which is not much at at all to be honest......... However, I would like to share a pattern with you all that has fished well for me over the years.  It is a pattern that I picked up somewhere, somehow, and made a few tweaks too it and the results have been good!  Check out my form of 

The "Mayhem" is tied to represent a Perch Fry or small Perch in the water.  Now, I know that I have had success with this pattern and I think I know why.  Other fish love too eat little Perch! This pattern is not designed to catch you some Perch, however, it will....... It is designed to catch the Bass, Walleye, or Trout that feed on the smaller Perch.  Best way too fish it is too find a school of Perch to begin with.  Often times Perch will school up and the trick is too finding them and the correct depth to fish.  Aggressive other species in the water will take care of the rest if it is going to work at all.......  So let's tie a "Mayhem"

  • Hook - Size (6) or size (10) 3xlong hook of your choice - I use size (10) for Bluegill.
  • Thread - Black 6/0 Uni-Thread
  • Tail - Hot Orange Krystal Flash
  • Rib - Small Gold Wire
  • Overbody - At least (6) strands of Peacock Herl
  • Body - Orange Scrubby Chenille
  • Beard - Hot Orange Krystal Flash
  • Overwing - Hareline Baitfish Emulator 
  1. Begin by tying on your thread and bringing it to the rear of the hook at a point straight up from the barb.
  2. Select several strands of the Krystal Flash and measure them to be length of the hook shank approximately. (Before you tie them in, I will give you an option for you to think about.  I used a Black Permanent Marker to color in a black bar across the end of the Krystal Flash strands.  This makes it look similar to Golden Pheasant Tippet if that suits your fancy,  Anyway, probably totally unnecessary, but, I liked the effect.)
  3. Tie in your Krystal Flash tail directly above the barb of the hook.  Trim off the excess towards the front of the hook.
  4. Tie in Gold wire rib at same place you tied in the tail
  5. Select at (6) Peacock Herls and tie them at the same place as tail, also, extending rearward.
  6. Tie in Orange Scrubby Chenille.  All of your tie in's are at the same spot.  Begin wrapping the chenille towards the eye of the hook and leaving just a small area for the rest of the materials to be tied down.
  7. Take Peacock Herls and pull them directly over the back of the chenille and tie them off just in front of the chenille.  Creates the Overback!
  8. Counter wrap the small Gold wire spiraling it over the overbody and Scrubby Chenille.  Tie it off at same point as the Peacock Herl.
  9. Turn your hook upside down and tie in the Krystal Flash for a beard.  The beard should stop just short of the point of the hook.
  10. Turn your hook back upright and tie in the Baitfish Emulator Overwing.  Tying it rearward.  The length of the Overwing should stop just short of the length of the tail.
  11. Finish with a good Whip Finish knot and add a good coating of Head Cement surrounding the tie off spot.  This will help lock everything tied in at that point.
  12. Go find some Perch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Tyin' and causin' some "Mayhem"..........................

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fly Tyin' Times - Tyin' The Blood Red Leech

Welcome to Fly Tyin' Times and a new format for the way I will post my fly patterns.  I hope that it meets with your approval.  After playing around with the video concept, and, actually completing this same pattern on video, I realized something.  Videos are too stressful for me and quality was lacking as far as I was concerned.  So, those who were waiting for a video will have to wait for another day and time as far as tying flies go.

So let's go forth with the new format for a visual tutorial on tyin' the Blood Red Leech.

Here is a look at what you will need to tie this very simple and deadly Leech pattern.

***Please double click the picture here to see the Material List
Now, let's get started......................
Begin by sliding the red glass bead on to the hook.
Insert the hook into your vise with the glass bead to the eye of the hook.
Tie on your thread behind the glass bead and wrap down your shank of the hook to the point straight up from the barb of the hook.
Next take a pinch of the Simi-Seal Dubbing and roll it between your fingers.  Tie it in directly above the barb facing rearward.  Note picture! Do not trim off the excess dubbing on the hook! 
 Next, take your excess dubbing that you have tied in and fold it back over your tail.  This provides a nice full dubbing tail and by tying it down you have reinforced the tie in spot.
Now form a dubbing loop with your thread.  Make sure the loop is fairly long and locked in by bringing your thread bobbin behind and around the loop.
Next insert the dubbing into the loop by just laying it cross ways through the loop.  Note this particular dubbing should be used sparingly as it is a very full dubbing.  If you overuse it you will find your body on your leech to be way to full.  So a little goes a long way.  We want your body on this leech to be somewhat sparse.  The fibers in the dubbing will collect water bubbles which enhances the flies effectiveness.  If you overuse it, again, it will be too thick and not trap the air bubbles.
Insert your dubbing twister into the loop and twist the loop into a noodle shape.  The loop will tighten and trap the fibers into what appears to be a fuzzy chenille.
Once you have completed the twisting of your noodle (loop), start by wrapping it forward it forward one wrap in front of the other. Tip: After each wrap forward take your hand and sweep the fibers all rearward as you make the next wrap.  Everything should be in a swept back look as you go.  When you get to the rear of the bead make sure your last wrap is snug up against the bead.  Do a quick Whip Finish and cut your thread off.

The final step in the process is to use something to pick out the dubbing with.  You can use something as simple as a piece of velcro stuck on the end of a Popsicle stick or an old tooth brush.  What I use is a specific tool (I guess I am a gadget geek!).  This little tool has a bodkin on one end and a bore brush on the other.  Ideal and rigid for picking out the dubbing that was trapped as you wrapped it forward.   Don't be afraid to give it a firm brushing and stroke those fibers rearward as you go.  Again, this is done after you have completed the fly and before you insert in your fly box or on the end of your line.
I like to fish this pattern on an Intermediate to slow sinking line.  Let the fly sink for a bit and then begin hand twist retrieve.  Experiment with the speed of your retrieve.
This leech pattern as tied in a size 6, is a solid pattern for Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Trout!
If I want to fish them for Bluegill (deadly), I tie them on the same hook but a size 10.  I also tie them in some other color combinations.  I like the Canadian Brown, Canadian Black, Canadian Olive, again, from Arizona Simi-Seal Dubbing blend.  If your local shop doesn't carry this product (they should), I like the full line offered by FlyFish Food.



Monday, March 6, 2017

A Mundane Monday....................

Even though I have been busy here at Fly Tyin' Times with various little projects, sometimes a Monday comes along and you just feel "Ho Hum" about it all.  So I feel a little Mundane on this Monday.  Probably feel tired tomorrow on Tuesday................................

In any manner, this particular post is just a bunch of little things thrown against a wall in hope that something sticks and my readers of the blog enjoy it, somehow!

I wish I had the energy of this guy..............................................................................

This is a picture that was passed along too me just this weekend.  It is the legendary, Lefty Kreh, doing what Lefty does best.  Lefty is shown here at a Fly Fishing Expo back east somewhere giving a fly casting demonstration while sitting on a stool to a crowd of spectators.  You see, folks, Lefty does it better sitting down at age (90 plus) than I can do standing up at my Geezer age.  What an incredible master of the art of fly fishing and fly casting he is. Go Lefty!

You heard it here, first!  I am considering fooling around with videos for my fly patterns.  I posted my first one (no fly included) just to let you see how much work I have to do before I can call my self worthy of posting anymore!  Here ya' go!

Secondly, I would like to thank all of those folks from Bloggerland to those who participate on Facebook for all of their support getting my Fly Tyin' Times Forum up and running over on Facebook.  Please feel free to stop over and say hello and see all the great stuff that has been posted by many who enjoy fly tyin' and fly fishin' for Panfish.  The Forum will only be as good as we, all, collectively make it......................

Also, a change too the blog page format here on the blog.  As you can see at the top of the blog page under the Fly Tyin' Times blog header is a list of the various pages I have added for the blog.  What I have done is took a past page and made many more usable y breaking down the various fly patterns I have shared here on the blog.  We now have a page for:
Check these pages regularly when you visit here if you are interested in the tying recipe's for each pattern or information on tying techniques used.  Always be on the alert if you are a fly tyer and interested in new patterns I use for Panfish and the occasional Bass.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fly Tyin' Times - Using Peacock Herl In A Dubbing Loop

As anyone who has spent much time fly fishing for whatever species they want, and particularly if you are a fly tyer also, then you probably are very aware of the fish catching quality of Peacock Herl.

You know this stuff: Found in most all fly shops, mail order fly tying suppliers, craft shops etc.
The color, the iridescence, the sleekness, whatever it is, Peacock Herl has "IT".  Now for as long as Peacock Herl has been used, those that tie much with it can tell you that while it makes some beautiful bodies and other fine effects on a fly pattern, it is not the most durable material to tie with and expect it to hold up.  What to do to make it more durable......... That is the question?

Now some tie with it as it is and put with the fact that if you catch a fish it is quite possible you may have to replace your fly also!  Others have gone away from using Peacock Herl for bodies and gone to dubbing their bodies on flies with Peacock look alike dubbing.  I have done that and really like this:
However, some time ago, I learned that traditional Peacock Herl could be used in a dubbing loop made of wire for strength purposes, twisted into a rope and then wrapped on body style.  This reinforced Peacock Herl body works wonderfully and holds up better when fish are feeding  and looks amazing durable.  Plus, you get the real thing on the body of your fly.....

Here is a picture of a fly that I just tied this morning that uses the Peacock Herl in a dubbed wire body rope.  Now this is an old traditional Wet Fly (some call them Soft Hackles, I do).  Panfish, and particularly, Bluegill love this little pattern.  Rest assured you can exercise lots of flexibility with this fly.  Example: Peacock Herl in a wire loop is optional, Red Tag for the tale can be left off (Why, Bluegill love Red somewhere on a fly), and finally, your choice of hackle for the front can be of your preference. (In this case, I used Dyed Partridge in a Yellow Olive color.)
  • Hook - I use a 2457 Tiemco style scud hook size 10
  • Thread - Black 6/0 your preference
  • Tail - Just a tag end of Red Yarn
  • Body - Fine Gold Wire tied in as a dubbing loop
  • Body 2 - I use at least 6 strands of Peacock Herl.  More if you want a bigger body
  • Hackle - Dyed Partridge (Again, color is of your choice)
  • Remember, you can double click on the picture to get a better view.
Now for a few tips in tying the Red Tag Soft Hackle................................................................
  • Begin by applying your thread to the hook and bring it back to the point on the fly straight up from the barb. 
  • Tie in a short piece of Red Yarn at this point.  Not too long and serves as an attractor color to get the fish's interest.
  • Next take a fairly long piece of Fine Gold Wire and fold it in half and tie it in like you would a dubbing loop.
  • Then take at least 6 strands of Peacock Herl and tie them in so that you have your wire loop and Peacock Herl laying next to each other.
  • ***Key Part here - Make sure your wire dubbing loop is open and ready to work with.  Take your Peacock Herl and bring it down along side one side of the loop.  Take the Peacock Herl and begin wrapping it around one side of the loop only.  Keep twisting until the loop on that side is totally wrapped with Peacock Herl.  Then insert your dubbing loop twister into your loop  which should tighten your loop for you.  Then twist the dubbing loop tool until the Peacock Herl is twisted into what looks like a chenille rope.  Wrap the Peacock Herl forward leaving enough space at front of the fly to tie in your hackle.  Tie off dubbing loop and clip any excess left.
  • Hackle - Tie in your Soft Hackle feather by the tip and make (3) full turns around the hook (one in front of the other) sweeping them back each turn in wet fly style.
  • Whip Finish Knot - Go Fishin'
If you have any additional questions on this pattern don't hesitate to jump right in the conversation and leave a comment.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fly Tyin' Times - A "BG Special"

In interacting with other fly tyer's over on a couple of Facebook Fly Tying Groups I participate in, I was asked to share my pattern recipe for one of my very favorite Bluegill nymphs.  Thus, I will share here my tying technique for the "BG Special".

But, first I would like to just make note here of a few fly tying facts.  In fly tying, there are really very few original patterns anymore.  With the popularity of fly tying being what it is nowadays, just about every known material for fly tying known to mankind has been used and fly patterns created with such materials.  When we think of something new to tie, and, have not seen it in existence before does not mean it is really an original.  We would like to think so, but, many great fly tyers have gone before us to lead the path to where we are here in 2017.  Anyway, original ideas are hard to come by.  Let that be true about the "BG Special"

The thought for the "BG Special" came from a standard lake pattern that is famous here in the West and Northwestern part of our country.  That being the Sheep Creek Special!
 For many years, this fly has been a great producer of Trout in our Reservoirs, Lakes, etc.  I must give due credit here to the gentleman who created this original pattern. (The late George Biggs of Twin Falls, Idaho, area).  Many, many years ago, might I add.... I fished this pattern quite often in my float tubing efforts and had great success.  Now, this pattern alone as it is, would be a great fly for fishing for Panfish also.

But, you know how us fly tyer's are.... We just got to tinker while we are at the vise.  A while back I decided that I wanted to use this fly and embellish it a lit for use with my collection of nymphs for fishing for Bluegill, etc.  So, I set out to do just that.  We all know that Bluegill love Rubber Legs and action from a fly.  So I enhanced the fly by adding a Rubber Leg tail and a Rubber Leg hackle for movement.  Result: dynamite success on the local ponds here in Northern Colorado.  Bluegill, Bass, and, Trout have all taken to the Rubber Legged pattern.  I always carry this pattern in my Panfish box and have several  on hand for other anglers or in case the fish have worn it out!  So, let's tie a "BG Special"

Bead: 5/32 oz metal bead (Gold or Silver)
Hook: I use a 3xlong Nymph hook - Your preference to maker.
Thread: Black Ultra Thread 70
Tail: Rubber Legs your choice - I used a Brown and Olive Silly Leg
Rear Hackle: I use an oversized Dry fly quality Brown Neck Hackle
Body: Peacock colored Krystal Chenille 
Downwing - Mallard Flank Fibers
Front Hackle: Same Rubber Leg material folded back over body to represent legs.
***Double click on picture to give a larger view....

A few tips to help you in tying the "BG Special" 

  • Tail - Use a fairly long piece of Rubber Leg material,  Fold it in half and tie the looped end in at rear of hook.  Do not trim the remainder of your legs as they will serve as your front hackle also.  Cut the loop evenly at rear of hook creating a "V" shaped tail.  My tail is noticeable on the fly, but, not too long.  Hold the remainder of the Rubber Leg material down the top shank of the hook and tie it down by spiraling thread up to bead area. Again, do not trim the Rubber Legs yet!
  • Hackle - Remember to choose an oversized hackle, tie it in straight up from barb of hook and make (3) complete wraps with hackle and then trim off.
  • Body - Tie in Krystal Chenille next and wrap forward to a space just behind the bead area.  Leave a small area to tie in the downwing and forward hackle.....
  • Downwing: Mallard flank fibers (At least 10 or so fibers) tied downwing.  Size so that the wing does not extend beyond the hackle, slightly less than that.
  • Front Hackle: To finish the fly fold the Rubber Leg material back over the fly and tie down so that it lays to the sides of the fly.  Make several thread wraps to insure that the Rubber Legs do extend backwards.
Whip Finish and have fun!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fly Tyin' - A "Golden Retriever"..........

A few evenings ago, while I was reading the new posts on a Facebook Fly Fishing Group that I participate in, a question came about if anyone had heard of a Golden Retriever fly pattern.  I quickly offered up a pattern that I have been tying for awhile with just that name.......... Now, I did not create this pattern, but, I have had it in my Panfish, Bass, and Trout fly boxes for awhile now.  I am not sure where I came across this fly pattern, but, that is not relevant here.  What is relevant is that this fly is one of my go too Streamer patterns for fishing the ponds and lakes in Northern Colorado.  So I thought I would write this post and share some love of the Golden Retriever!

Tyin' A Golden Retriever
***As always on my blog, please double click on the picture if you want to see a larger version.
So, let's tie a Golden Retriever - Sorry no video, but as always, a material description.

Hook: I use a 3xlong Nymph style hook.  I prefer a size #10 for mine, but, tying them in a size 12 or 14 would certainly be O.K. for smaller baitfish imitation.
Thread: Any bright Red thread would work as it is used for the underbody on the fly also.  I use a heavier Ultra Thread (280) size in Red.  I do this so that it takes less time to build up an underbody than using the smaller 8/0 size threads.  The Ultra Thread (280) almost seems to be Floss size.  I tie the fly using that size thread for the entire fly from start to finish.
Bead Head: I use a Gold Bead size 5/32 0z   De-barb your hook to begin with and slide Bead to head of fly.
Body: Red Thread as mentioned above.  Tie the thread in place behind the bead and built up a small ball of thread just behind the bead to hold the bead in place.  Wrap thread down to point on hook where you are straight up from barb spot of the hook.
Tail: Tan colored Marabou.  Your pinch of Marabou for the tail should be approximately the length of the hook shank.  Tie it in directly above the barb spot on the hook.
Body of Fly:  Estaz Chenille ( Peach).  Next tie in your Estaz directly above the barb spot at the same place where you tied in your Marabou.  Now, take the thread and begin to build up an underbody with the thread.  Go back and forth down the shank of the hook until you have a nice even body thread underbody.  Make sure your thread is at the front of the fly just behind the bead when your done with it.  Now begin wrapping the Estaz chenille forward leaving a small gap between each wrap of chenille so that the red underbody shows through.  Bring the chenille forward to the point just in back of the bead where you will tie it off with red thread.  After the chenille is tied off, make a few more wraps of the red thread to snug it up against the bead.
Finish:  Tie a whip finish knot and add a drop of head cement on red thread to secure the tie.
After you tie a couple of these, you will become very comfortable tying this quick and easy fly to add to your Panfish Box and Bass Boxes.  For the Trout angler, don't forget to fish these also.  They can be a hot pattern at any time.  For Bluegill, or Bass, I like to fish them early and late in the day and like them best in the early season and then again in the Fall of the year before ice set in here in Colorado.
Tie some up and let me know how you do.  Leave a question in comment form if you have one...

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Origin Of A Blog Post - Maylee Barnhart

Sometimes, blog posts have the strangest of origins, and at other times, they just reach up and smack you along side the head.  Such is the case with this post.  It moved me!  To begin with Kaitlyn Glines - Barnhart has been a BlogBuddy for some time now.  She has a wonderful blog written from the Ladies angle over at Mamma Flybox. 

Kaitlyn does a wonderful job of bringing out the joy in fly fishing and the joy of being a mother and parenting the young ones, and, including them in her blog posts.  Please take a look over at Katilyn's blog and tell her that Mel at Fly Tyin' Times is thinking about her.  For you see, Kaitlyn has other things on her mind at the moment, and understandably, so.

Enter her daughter, Maylee Barnhart.
  Maylee is a (9) year old up and comer, who has been diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Maylee has struggled in the school systems, and, is is need of some specialized testing to determine how best to help her.  You can read more about it here.

In addition to speak to that specific need, Brandon Moon and Moonlit Fly Fishing, is holding an auction to support Maylee's needs.  Here is more information on that.

 Support Maylee's Testing Fund and bid on the Moonlit Fly Fishing Package! Package includes a stellar Moonlit Fly Fishing fiberglass 5wt 8ft 4 piece rod (Lifetime Warranty), high quality reel, weight forward fly line and backing, 3 Moonlit furled leaders and a roll of tippet!

Opening Bid starts at $99.99 (full value of package around $300). Auction closes February 5th @ 9 pm Pacific Time.

Get yourself or your loved one a beautiful rod, while helping this little fly fishing gal receive the neuropsychological testing she needs to overcome some major obstacles in her life. Thank you to Moonlit Fly Fishing for your generosity!

Kaitlyn, if there is anything else I could do please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or through my blog.

Together, we will make this happen!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017



So, I have.  Now, for years I have blogged my experiences fly fishing and fly tying, and, used several picture headers to display my blog effects.  For some reason, I never committed to having a Blog Logo.  Something identifiable that other BlogBuddies and readers of my blog could use as a way of recognizing in connection with fly tying and fly fishing that my blog truly does have an I.D.  I know I have really dragged my feet on this and procrastinated for way too long.

In my previous post I wrote about how I had been very fortunate to win a Sketch of a toothy Northern Pike and a book  from Ralph at Ralph's Fly Box.  I was so impressed with Ralph's sketch that I gave some thought to contacting Ralph to see if he would be interested in doing a sketch that I could use for my Blog Logo and Blog Header on my blog.  I had no idea if Ralph had the time or the interest in helping me, but, I thought what the heck did I have too lose.  So I followed through by contacting Ralph and tossed out my idea and checked on the feasibility of him helping me out.  Well, Ralph and I spent a day communicating back and forth via email and discussed what I wanted, how I wanted it too look, and other layout details.  Ralph did all the rest.

I cannot begin to tell you, Ralph, how you have breathed new life into my blog with your work. Ralph was very quick and before two days had gone by I had a new logo for the blog that you see above.  I made some layout changes based on discussion with Ralph and today you see the end product.

Ralph and I would really love to have your opinions of what you see and how it appears from your end of the blogging and internet world.

We need your feedback and as Ralph said "Be Honest With Us."

Note also some blogging direction I have taken here.  An Ol' Geezer needs to stay focused! 
"Packing Fun Into Your Fly Tyin' & Fly Fishin' - Focusing On Panfish - Where The Fun All Began....."

Thinking back, The Bluegill was my first love fly fishing and fly tying.  The Fun they provided got me started on this life trek.  So, this is my way of paying the little Panfish back for all it has done for me.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hello, Ralph?

Dagumit, Naw Ralph, I ain't forgot ya'.  I said I would get back with you and here I are.......

No, No, not Ralph Emery, Country Music's legendary D.J.
This here is a Fly Fishin' (er, Fly Tyin' blog).  I am talking about my legendary BlogBuddy,
 Ralph Long, from over at Ralph's Fly Box.  

Now, during the Christmas Holidays, Ralph had a contest over on his blog.  Well, I sure love a contest and ever 13th year or so, I win a contest.  2016 must have been lucky (13th year) for me, I won!!

Seriously, Ralph not only writes a great blog, but is a very talented fly tyer who has many videos available on his fly patterns he uses.  In addition, Ralph is an Author of some great looking fly fishing and fly tying books, and if that is not enough, does a swell job as a fly fishing related Artist.

Ok, what did I win......... Ralph promptly put it out to me in the mail and I awaited anxiously.  It came and I just wanted to thank Ralph for his amazing talent and generosity.  Ralph had captured a Northern Pike with a big bug in his mouth and put pencil to paper.  The picture here came matted and I took a few days to get out and get it framed.  Thus, I wanted to show my readers Ralph's work in framed format setting a top my new fly tying desk.

The second picture I tried to get a bit more of the desk and picture in also.

I hope these pictures do Ralph and his talent justice............................................

A long with the Northern Pike Artwork, Ralph, surprised me with a copy of his most recent book.

Tomorrow's Fish by R.E. Long
I haven't had much time to spend thumbing through the book of Ralph's fly fishing experience, and, great selection of fly patterns.  However, I have been impressed with my first scan.  I will be more than happy to do a book review of Tomorrow's Fish a little later on.
I thought I would share one of Ralph's Fly Tying Video's to wrap up this post as my way of saying thanks for everything, Ralph!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Fly Shop "TOUR"

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King 


Martin Luther King Day is a wonderful day for me.  Personally, I choose to recognize the memory of Martin Luther King for all he brought to our country through history.  His role was and still is significant.  The statement in quotes above is very meaningful and is so valid.  Take a moment and reflect on it.

Another reason this day is so significant in my life and how it relays to fly fishing and a fly tying blog is the basis of the rest of this post.

When I lived in Eastern Idaho, prior to my move to Colorado a few years ago, a small and avid group of fly fishers and fly tyers used this day as a day for the Fly Shop Tour.  Where we lived was around (90) miles or so from West Yellowstone, Montana.  Also known as the Fly Shop Mecca of the world!  Since we all had the day off from work, we annually planned a trip to West Yellowstone to tour the great fly shops and visit with friends that hung out here this time of the year.  We would get up early, have Coffee and Cinnamon Rolls at the local truck stop and then be on our way.

Our first stop was along the famous Henry's Fork of the Snake River.  Here we would stop in at

 Mike Lawson  is known as the local guru on the Henry's Fork and the owner of Henry's Fork Anglers.  Excellent fly shop and very friendly to all who wandered in during this time of the year.  Mike has a sense of humor that is kind of a dry one, but, I always had a laugh or two after listening to his stories of being on the river.  (Spent money here....)

Just down the road in Island Park, along the river, we also would stop and say hi to our friend Lynn Sessions at 

Lynn was always very friendly also and came across as just one of the guys.  Our group enjoyed sharing stories and picking his brain for information on the Henry's Fork and also some Henry's Lake information. (Drank coffee here till the pot was empty and then off we would go to the next stop on our Fly Shop Tour).

Once we arrived in West Yellowstone our first stop on the route was at

Bob Jacklins's Fly Shop.  Bob had such a warm and welcoming attitude he brought to his customers, along with the ability to talk about great fishing adventures in the area.  We also use this time to schedule Bob to come down to Idaho Falls to speak to our Fly Fishing Club to bring everyone up to date on current fishing conditions in Yellowstone area.  Bob, never once turned us down, and for that became a very familiar face to our group.  (More money spent here!!)
We would grab a Hamburger and a cold drink for lunch after that and then head to 
Blue Ribbon Flies.  Here we would be hosted by Craig & Jackie Matthews and other very knowledgeable staff.  I must admit that if I were asked to rate my most preferred fly shop that I had ever been in, Blue Ribbon Flies, would take the honor.  Craig, Jackie, and crew published a catalog that I eagerly anticipated getting each winter season.  It was full of great information on fly fishing the Madison River and other great Yellowstone waters.  Articles written by the Matthews' and their staff.  Hot fly patterns for the area and the shop was loaded with some of the highest quality fly tying material you could find anywhere.  Our group would drool over some of the pieces of Deer Hair, Elk Hair, etc.  Necks and Saddle Hackles were of prime quality also.  Basically, a Fly Tyer's Heaven!  (Lots of money spent here.  My wife used to say that my life was mortgaged here!)

Our ride home was spent talking fly fishing and fly tying.  The Tour was over for another year, but as each winter blew in, our group would come together and begin anxiously awaiting our trip to all the fly shops on the route again.    Fly Tying season is here.........

Keep the focus on the vise!

Grandpa Mel & My Friend Ol' Walter
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