Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I caught The First One Of 2017...

I really hate messing with the few readers I have here at Fly Tyin' Times, but, just wanted to share with you all that I have caught my first one of 2017! 

A "Cold" that is.... Should have known as much as we spent quite a bit of time with my Grandson's over the Christmas Holiday, and, guess what they were packing. (A head cold)
You know that sneezing, runny nose, congestion, just feel underwhelmed all over feeling.......

Well, anyway, fighting through it and glad that I got it out of the way so early in the New Year 2017!

Thought I would take some time to share my version of the Hot Head P.T. Nymph.......

Since it is a featured fly pattern up on the Fly Tyin' Times blog header, thought I better provide some history with it.  
The Pheasant Tail Nymph (P.T.), as most folks know who have ventured into fly fishing circles, is one of the true "All Time Standards" for use when nymph fishing.    That is, traditionally, without the BeadHead,  Then in the 1990's along came the "BeadHead" craze in fly tying and many, many nymph patterns were rolled over to Beadhead patterns by adding a weighted bead at the head of the fly.  Wouldn't you know it.......... The Beadhead version of a Pheasant Tail Nymph became ridiculously effective on trout waters and on warm water ponds.  As years past, fly tyers got another blessing.  The BeadHead patterns could then be tied with Tungsten Beads! Extra weight over the Brass Beads and designed to be fished deep and slow through the holding spots on trout streams where Ol' Walter hangs out.  On ponds, your Pheasant Tail nymphs tied with a Tungsten bead allowed you to get your nymph down quicker to fish holding deeper waiting for, you guessed it, Ol' Walter to come swimming along.  Nowadays, fly shops feature Brass Beads and Tungsten beads that come in bright colors to allow for the appearance of a Hot Spot near the head of the nymph.  Success Rate - Deadly - You just need to convince yourself to think outside the box and give these patterns a try.

Hot Head P.T. Nymph

Hook: Tiemco 2457 2x heavy Scud hook
Hot Head: In this case, Hot Pink, but could be, Hot Orange, Chartreuse etc.
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: At least (4) fibers from a Pheasant Tail, tips rearward
Rib: I prefer using small gold wire
Body: Pheasant Tail fibers, twisted together to make a small rope
Thorax: Dubbing, in this case, a Hot Purple Ice Dub.  Choice is yours!

An easy pattern to tie, and, extremely effective if you fish nymphs on trout streams and stillwaters.  So you Nymph Tyers don't forget the Hot Head P.T. Nymph at the vise this year!


  1. Thanks for sharing a hot P.T pattern there, Mel. As for the cold, don't you know you're supposed to catch and release those things right away, so they don't bring you down? Ah well, sometimes we can't avoid it, especially around the young ones. Here's hoping you have a happy and healthy new year.

    1. My pleasure, Walt! Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment.......
      Us Ol' Geezers can't seem to release colds as quickly as we did back in our younger days...
      I sure did a lot of loving on my two younger grandsons this holiday so I probably got what I asked for!
      Have a great New Year 2017 with many happy hook ups.

  2. I'm going to tie some up just like these because I know how effective they are! And get better Mel. We can't have old cold bugs floating around northern Colorado.

    1. I hope so, Howard! Sometimes fish just trigger on that hot spot and, as I said in the post, the Pheasant Tail Nymph is a deadly fly pattern. The combination is like eating a small Banana Split in the fish food chain. I see I forgot to put hook style and size in the recipe. I like 10-16 scud type hook.

  3. Mel
    If one has to be down with a cold, winter is the time to deal with it. The Beadhead Pheasant Nymph is my go to pattern when I use to fish the Sipsey, I hope it will be effective on the Caney. The Hot Head or can I call it the 'Hot Pink" would be a killer pattern on most tailraces, especially fished as the dropper pattern. What size are you tying them in? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, thanks for being patient with me, as far as getting an answer to your question. Also, for keeping me on my toes...... I have edited the post and have given the hook information for the Hot Head P.T. Nymph that I had overlooked in my writing of the post.

      Most every water I have ever fished, both moving and still water, have had fished that liked the Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph at one time or another. Deadly pattern..... Just say the word and I will get you out a few to try down your way on the Caney!

  4. Mel, I got one heck of a chill today while fishing I'm afraid I to will be feeling poorly in the days ahead.
    I fish a similar fly as yours...it works.

    1. Hoping that all is well, Alan, and that "Winter Bug" doesn't get you down for a few days. I am feeling much better tonight.....

      The Hot Head P.T. Nymph or something similar just screams out for the fish's attention!


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