Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Origin Of A Blog Post - Maylee Barnhart

Sometimes, blog posts have the strangest of origins, and at other times, they just reach up and smack you along side the head.  Such is the case with this post.  It moved me!  To begin with Kaitlyn Glines - Barnhart has been a BlogBuddy for some time now.  She has a wonderful blog written from the Ladies angle over at Mamma Flybox. 

Kaitlyn does a wonderful job of bringing out the joy in fly fishing and the joy of being a mother and parenting the young ones, and, including them in her blog posts.  Please take a look over at Katilyn's blog and tell her that Mel at Fly Tyin' Times is thinking about her.  For you see, Kaitlyn has other things on her mind at the moment, and understandably, so.

Enter her daughter, Maylee Barnhart.
  Maylee is a (9) year old up and comer, who has been diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Maylee has struggled in the school systems, and, is is need of some specialized testing to determine how best to help her.  You can read more about it here.

In addition to speak to that specific need, Brandon Moon and Moonlit Fly Fishing, is holding an auction to support Maylee's needs.  Here is more information on that.

 Support Maylee's Testing Fund and bid on the Moonlit Fly Fishing Package! Package includes a stellar Moonlit Fly Fishing fiberglass 5wt 8ft 4 piece rod (Lifetime Warranty), high quality reel, weight forward fly line and backing, 3 Moonlit furled leaders and a roll of tippet!

Opening Bid starts at $99.99 (full value of package around $300). Auction closes February 5th @ 9 pm Pacific Time.

Get yourself or your loved one a beautiful rod, while helping this little fly fishing gal receive the neuropsychological testing she needs to overcome some major obstacles in her life. Thank you to Moonlit Fly Fishing for your generosity!

Kaitlyn, if there is anything else I could do please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or through my blog.

Together, we will make this happen!


  1. Replies
    1. Alan, it sure is! As I told, Kaitlyn, I have two Grandsons that are Developmentally Delayed, and,I know how important it is to be proactive in these cases.

  2. Great cause Mel - thanks for sharing. I've never seen Kaitlyn's blog, and Ill go check it out now!
    Be well

    1. Hi, Will. I knew I could be a source for Kaitlyn, and, would not have it any other way!

      Kaitlyn writes one of my very favorite blogs to read on fly fishing and family. She also has written for other publications. Plus, it is all from the female perspective, and, I think that is good for us guys!

    2. I'm still trying to catch up on my blog reading but I'll give it a go soon for a good cause.

    3. Thanks, Brother Howard, like I said in the post, sometimes these things just reach up and smack you along side the head. I have been a blogging friend of Kaitlyn since she started blogging. As you know, I can relate to what it takes to cope with Children with Developmental Delays. Thanks for checking in!

  3. As one who works with kids who have developmental difficulties, I can see this a worthy cause and I wish the family all the best. Thanks for sharing this, Mel.

    1. Thank you, Walt, for your kind comment...
      As you know, there are always a plethora of things for any of us to stand up and support these days. No one can address them all. I am totally behind this one all the way. As adults, we have a responsibility to the children of our country. Maylee has a chance to be better and that is all anyone can ask............

  4. Thanks for sharing. With all this negative social media and sensational press, it's good to see something positive.

    1. Your welcome, Josh. Your comment really means a lot too me here. I, too, am fed up with all the negative news we are burdened with these days. I pray that the support that Maylee needs will be provided and the family can look forward to better days with her and certainly a better school experience.......


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