Thursday, April 13, 2017

What She Said.....................

All of us that write a fly fishing or fly tying blog have probably had the same thing happen to them at one time or another.  You know we all have points where we look forward to writing that next blog post.  An idea comes, and, we ponder on it awhile.  We struggle to write the words or see the full picture of where we are going with the post............ Recently, that happened to me.  I am really happy that it did!

Here is why: I have really been focused on getting Fly Tyin' Times rolled over to a lot of fly tyin' matter.  For example (the intent to include simple and effective fly patterns for fishing for Panfish, or, booting up the online shop, or, moderating the very successful Fly Tyin' Times group over on Facebook).  Things have been going well with all of that. 

Well, with that comes a lot of interest in fly tying.  I have made contact with many new tyers or those who wish to take up fly tying.   Questions abound..... What do I need to start tying flies? Should I do this or that?  Can I tie flies cheaper than I can buy them?  Those of us who do tie our flies have heard these questions from our friends and neighbors, both, online and offline.

So, regressing here, I had plans to put together a complete post to answer some of those questions and help out my readers.  As I pondered on this a bit, I read a post over on my friend, Paul Beel's blog Frankenfly. In Paul's post I read about another writer/blogger by the name of Sara Golden from The Wading Lab.  

I hit that link to the blog and read an absolutely very well done article that answered all the questions about fly tying that I had mentioned above, and, in great detail.  

So, in essence, I wish all of my readers stop over to Sara's post and read what she has to say.  I could not have written it any better.


  1. Hi Mel. I stopped over at Wading Lab and have to say that there are some really interesting articles posted. Nice heads up brother.

    1. Yes, they do, Howard......... The Wading Lab does a very good job on detailing fly fishing gear on their reviews. I had not visited before so was very happy with the post Sara Golden wrote.........

  2. Mel
    Thanks for the link, I have scan through parts of the post and will refer back to the it as I get closer to purchasing a kit. As for now I am into fishing all these new lakes near me and will start the fly tying in the colder weather.
    Thanks for sharing all your tying expertise with those of us who are interesting in tying our own flies.

    1. Thanks, Bill, it is my pleasure. I have been tying my own flies for so long, I just needed to let others know my experiences and how much I love the skill. I am humbled that you consider my information to be "expertise"..... There are many, many incredible and talented fly tyers who love to share their skills with those who are just beginning and otherwise help out. Happy Hook Up on those new lakes in Tennessee.


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