Panfish - Soft Hackle/Wet Fly Patterns

Welcome to my page designed to share some of the fly patterns that I have had good success with while enjoying my fly fishing journey.  Along the way, as I add more patterns, I am sure their will be a few new ones, too!  I love research and development.............  Happy hookups!
***Note: Double Click on the picture for a close up look..........................................

  • Hook - I use a 2457 Tiemco style scud hook size 10
  • Thread - Black 6/0 your preference
  • Tail - Just a tag end of Red Yarn
  • Body - Fine Gold Wire tied in as a dubbing loop
  • Body 2 - I use at least 6 strands of Peacock Herl.  More if you want a bigger body
  • Hackle - Dyed Partridge (Again, color is of your choice)
  • Remember, you can double click on the picture to get a better view.
Now for a few tips in tying the Red Tag Soft Hackle................................................................
  • Begin by applying your thread to the hook and bring it back to the point on the fly straight up from the barb. 
  • Tie in a short piece of Red Yarn at this point.  Not too long and serves as an attractor color to get the fish's interest.
  • Next take a fairly long piece of Fine Gold Wire and fold it in half and tie it in like you would a dubbing loop.
  • Then take at least 6 strands of Peacock Herl and tie them in so that you have your wire loop and Peacock Herl laying next to each other.
  • ***Key Part here - Make sure your wire dubbing loop is open and ready to work with.  Take your Peacock Herl and bring it down along side one side of the loop.  Take the Peacock Herl and begin wrapping it around one side of the loop only.  Keep twisting until the loop on that side is totally wrapped with Peacock Herl.  Then insert your dubbing loop twister into your loop  which should tighten your loop for you.  Then twist the dubbing loop tool until the Peacock Herl is twisted into what looks like a chenille rope.  Wrap the Peacock Herl forward leaving enough space at front of the fly to tie in your hackle.  Tie off dubbing loop and clip any excess left.
  • Hackle - Tie in your Soft Hackle feather by the tip and make (3) full turns around the hook (one in front of the other) sweeping them back each turn in wet fly style.
  • Whip Finish Knot - Go Fishin'

ID Olive Soft Hackle

Tied to represent Caddis Pupa or Emerger fished just sub-surface, or, as a basic Soft Hackle fished wet in ponds, lakes, and streams.
Thread: Olive 6/0
 Hook Size: 10 -14 2x Long Nymph or Wet Fly hook
Rib: Small Holographic Gold Tinsel
Body: Olive Ice Dubbing
Hackle:  Dyed Olive Partridge Feather 
Head: Olive Ice Dubbing (3) wraps - Then thread head and Whip Finish Knot
Tip: The picture shows this fly tied with a Olive Glass Bead as a head.  I have stop using the bead and all is well........ 

Mirage Soft Hackle

This little Soft Hackle is one I started fishing in the last year or two.  May be a Mayfly or Caddis Emerger or just a good attractor wet fly pattern.  Whatever, it catches fish! 

Thread: Black 6/0
Hook: Size 12 or 14 2xlong
Body: Mirage Tinsel Size Medium
Hackle: Brown or Gray Partridge Feather
Whip Finish Knot and Cement Your Favorite Head Cement
Fish: Your Favorite Trout Stream or Bluegill Pond 


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