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Welcome to my page designed to share some of the fly patterns that I have had good success with while enjoying my fly fishing journey.  Along the way, as I add more patterns, I am sure their will be a few new ones, too!  I love research and development.............  Happy hookups!
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 BG Special

Bead: 5/32 oz metal bead (Gold or Silver)
Hook: I use a 3xlong Nymph hook - Your preference to maker.
Thread: Black Ultra Thread 70
Tail: Rubber Legs your choice - I used a Brown and Olive Silly Leg
Rear Hackle: I use an oversized Dry fly quality Brown Neck Hackle
Body: Peacock colored Krystal Chenille 
Downwing - Mallard Flank Fibers
Front Hackle: Same Rubber Leg material folded back over body to represent legs.
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A few tips to help you in tying the "BG Special" 

  • Tail - Use a fairly long piece of Rubber Leg material,  Fold it in half and tie the looped end in at rear of hook.  Do not trim the remainder of your legs as they will serve as your front hackle also.  Cut the loop evenly at rear of hook creating a "V" shaped tail.  My tail is noticeable on the fly, but, not too long.  Hold the remainder of the Rubber Leg material down the top shank of the hook and tie it down by spiraling thread up to bead area. Again, do not trim the Rubber Legs yet!
  • Hackle - Remember to choose an oversized hackle, tie it in straight up from barb of hook and make (3) complete wraps with hackle and then trim off.
  • Body - Tie in Krystal Chenille next and wrap forward to a space just behind the bead area.  Leave a small area to tie in the downwing and forward hackle.....
  • Downwing: Mallard flank fibers (At least 10 or so fibers) tied downwing.  Size so that the wing does not extend beyond the hackle, slightly less than that.
  • Front Hackle: To finish the fly fold the Rubber Leg material back over the fly and tie down so that it lays to the sides of the fly.  Make several thread wraps to insure that the Rubber Legs do extend backwards.

Hot Head P.T. Nymph

The Pheasant Tail Nymph (P.T.), as most folks know who have ventured into fly fishing circles, is one of the true "All Time Standards" for use when nymph fishing.    That is, traditionally, without the BeadHead,  Then in the 1990's along came the "BeadHead" craze in fly tying and many, many nymph patterns were rolled over to Beadhead patterns by adding a weighted bead at the head of the fly.  Wouldn't you know it.......... The Beadhead version of a Pheasant Tail Nymph became ridiculously effective on trout waters and on warm water ponds.  As years past, fly tyers got another blessing.  The BeadHead patterns could then be tied with Tungsten Beads! Extra weight over the Brass Beads and designed to be fished deep and slow through the holding spots on trout streams where Ol' Walter hangs out.  On ponds, your Pheasant Tail nymphs tied with a Tungsten bead allowed you to get your nymph down quicker to fish holding deeper waiting for, you guessed it, Ol' Walter to come swimming along.  Nowadays, fly shops feature Brass Beads and Tungsten beads that come in bright colors to allow for the appearance of a Hot Spot near the head of the nymph.  Success Rate - Deadly - You just need to convince yourself to think outside the box and give these patterns a try
Hot Head: In this case, Hot Pink, but could be, Hot Orange, Chartreuse etc.
Thread: Black 6/0
Hook:  Tiemco 2457 Scud 2x Heavy (12 - 16)
Tail: At least (4) fibers from a Pheasant Tail, tips rearward
Rib: I prefer using small gold wire
Body: Pheasant Tail fibers, twisted together to make a small rope
Thorax: Dubbing, in this case, a Hot Purple Ice Dub.  Choice is yours!

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